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Category: Culture

John and Marilou

Care Services Specialist Marilou Celebrates 10 Years

Our robust Care Services Center is easily the most critical system in our business operations. Even back in the early stages, we understood the need to build the Care Services Platform to lift the most tedious and time-sapping aspects of home health care off the shoulders of our Franchise Partners. It’s why we spent over five years […]

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Southwest Airlines Rule # 27: See Your Business As a Cause

In Southwest Airlines Rule # 16:  A Culture Has its Own Language, we looked at how great cultures  brand their own language to help bring out their uniqueness.  In Southwest Airlines Rule #15: Invent Your Own Culture and Put a Top Person in Charge of It, we looked at how great companies design their own cultures from the […]

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Do You Have A Policy About Working Naked?

I just read about NetFlix’s vacation policy, and think it is a great indicator of what their corporate culture is like. So what is it? It isn’t. There is no policy or tracking of vacations. 

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