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Warning: Friendly People Inside

Making lives better

Culture is better when it’s the product of design rather than accident. It’s the result of leadership asking, as John and Ken did in 2005, “What kind of company do we want to have?,” then making the changes to realize that vision.

In Home Medical ServiceJohn DeHart

They started with a central theme to guide them: making lives better. From there emerged the essential core values: admire people; WOW customer experience; find a better way; passionate about making a difference. They adopted a tone: bright, cheerful, happy, professional and hard-working but loose (untucked shirts and jeans are no big deal at our HeartQuarters!).

Most of all, we wanted happy, caring people in every position — no negative energy allowed. We take care to make sure the people we hire and the franchise partners we choose have not only the right skill set but the proper attitude — the caring and cheerful nature we’re looking for, and which defines us.

As one of our partners puts it, Nurse Next Door “looks for the smile.” We want caring, thoughtful individuals who enjoy people and exude a happiness and selflessness no training program can manufacture.

Power of a Pink CarThe power of pink cars

It’s why we have a sign on the front door of our HeartQuarters that reads, “Warning: Friendly People Inside.” It’s why we chose a particular shade of pink as our primary color. There’s nothing somber or timid about our pink — it’s a bold, brassy pink that grabs you by the lapels and urges you to get out there and enjoy life!

It gets us noticed, too. Often, people encounter Nurse Next Door for the first time when they spot one of our pink wrapped cars. Pink reflects the energy and spirit we want to exude in everything we do so we can pass it on to our clients, who deserve to feel enthusiastic and happy about their lives.

Once you see one of our pink cars, you don’t forget it — or Nurse Next Door.

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