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Who We Are: Our Core Values

A senior care franchise that Cares and enriches lives

After a decade of great success in Canada — we started in 2001 and quickly became the country’s dominant home health care company — we’re bringing our philosophy of caring and enriching lives to the United States by opening new franchise locations. The business opportunity is unmatched; the care model is unsurpassed; the way of life and potential to make a real difference in the community is unparalleled.

Every day, we’re guided by our core values. Our core values are not just buzzwords. They rise from years of reflection and soul-searching. They are the principles that define us and inform everything we do at Nurse Next Door:senior care franchise

1) Admire people. Our clients aren’t just case files or collections of ailments and chronic conditions our caregivers need to maintain. They’re real people with personalities, loves, dislikes, tastes and idiosyncrasies. Other senior care franchise systems might see those as complications. We see them as touchstones, the complex and unique set of traits that makes each person truly special.

2) WOW customer experience. We don’t settle for adequate. We don’t settle for good. We don’t rest until we’ve delivered a customer experience that so exceeds our clients’ expectations that they get tears in their eyes — and become what we call “raving fans,” the kind who lavish praise on us on the street, on Facebook, in the coffee shop, on Yelp, to strangers on the subway.

3) Find a better way. Like all senior care franchise systems, we have a meticulously developed blueprint for running the business. But we’re not so rigid that we prohibit our franchise partners and caregivers from experimenting based on client needs and partners’ experiences. If a franchise partner figures out a quicker and more efficient way to, say, balance the books, we’re happy to listen and approve the change if it works.In Home Health Care

4) Passionate about making a difference. We founded Nurse Next Door in part in reaction to Canada’s socialized, bureaucratic health care system, which is facing steep cuts as revenues dwindle and the population ages (much more about that later). Universal, publicly funded health care has its advantages, but one of its downsides is its impersonal nature — in a bureaucracy, you really are a number, Case G328-45-199, and the caregivers tend to treat their duties as tasks to be completed rather than genuine gestures of caring and commitment. Not to disparage the many fine caregivers who work in the Canadian health care system, but no government agency is constructed to care for people the way we do. Nurse Next Door looks for senior care franchise partners and caregivers — many of whom have worked in frustration for government-funded health care providers — who genuinely care about what they’re doing and want to improve their clients’ lives.

Do these core values resonate with you? As we grow in the United States, we’re looking for special people who share our values and really want to help people live better, more satisfying lives. It’s the only way we know how to do business.

Nurse Next Door CEO John DeHart Talks About Our Core Values

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