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Nurse Next Door

What Is the Best Home Health Care Franchise?

A top-notch home health care franchise, like Nurse Next Door, fulfills emotional needs, not just medical ones

What is the best home health care franchise?

Is it a home health care franchise that efficiently accomplishes all its necessary tasks?

Is it a home health care franchise that tends to a client with genuine concern and care?

Is it a home health care franchise that’s flexible enough to find a better way to treat a client, even if it’s never been tried before?

Is it a home health care franchise that does all of these things — and more?

Nurse Next Door

A home health care franchise with a heart

Nurse Next Door is a home care company and franchised business that provides in-home care for clients, most of them seniors, who need everything from companionship to end-of-life care. It’s a company that occupies a rapidly growing market niche positioned to meet one of the biggest sociological developments of the last century: the “silver tsunami” of an exploding elderly population as the Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

There ends any similarity between us and other North American home health care companies.
We reject — emphatically — the notion that people need to surrender their enjoyment of life because they’ve reached retirement age. They’ve lived full lives and gathered volumes of wisdom and experience. It’s a cause for celebration!Nurse Next Door

That’s why the key question we ask every client isn’t “What’s bothering you?” or “What time do you like breakfast?” but “What’s the one thing you used to love to do that you no longer do?” We’ve helped countless clients rediscover activities and interests they thought they had lost forever — and enriched their lives immeasurably by asking that simple question.Nurse Next Door

A new approach for a home health care franchise

Nurse Next Door is different because we’re about caring, not just health care. Other home health care companies offer specific services and construct their care plans around them; in other words, they’re task-oriented and care for clients based on how well their needs match the available services.

Nurse Next Door flips that dynamic on its head. We start with the client. What does the client need?

It’s fine to assess Edgar’s treatment needs for his diabetes and sciatica and administer them efficiently and with care. Nurse Next Door goes further. If Edgar loves to feed the ducks in City Park, we take him there and bring the bread. If he just loves a good pastrami sandwich from Goldman’s Deli twice a week, we make it happen (as long as it’s OK with Ed’s dietician!) and make sure they include the kosher pickles.

Those aren’t trivial concerns. Satisfying those needs is just as important in its own way as administering medication and physical therapy. We’re committed to meeting clients’ individual emotional and psychological needs as well as the physical and medical ones.

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