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The story of our home health care business 

True, happiness is fleeting. Yet Nurse Next Door knows that certain conditions encourage it to visit more often. The home health care business was redesigned around those conditions, transforming it from a company that delivers home care for the elderly to one that brings happiness to those same clients.

Building a successful home health care business

Starting new businesses was always something that made co-founder Ken Sim happy when he was a child. He sold anything he could find, from comics to lemonade. Co-founder John DeHart was built from the same mold. He only worked for someone else once while growing up, and channeled his entrepreneurial passions after graduation into the tech industry. Although both built successful careers, neither was satisfied with their industries’ narrow focus on finance. They both left their jobs and were determined to find a better path.

Coincidentally, both John and Ken happened to return to Vancouver at about the same time. A mutual friend and mentor, who knew of their entrepreneurial spirit, introduced them and they enthusiastically brainstormed home health care business ideas. Something had changed in them though. Although they were looking for an idea that would be profitable, they wanted to have a positive impact on the world and create a workplace where employees wanted to go every day.

They found that opportunity when Ken’s wife went on emergency bed rest while pregnant. He employed a caregiver and discovered that she had just started work after faxing in her resume the previous day. She had never even met her employer. Ken and John looked into the home health care business industry further and found sterile businesses that provided the basics, making life only slightly more bearable for their clients. They knew that they could create something better and launched Nurse Next Door in 2001.

Fast-forward to present time and Nurse Next Door has expanded into over 100 markets across Canada and the United States. Experiencing tremendous growth since its cozy start in a small office in Vancouver, BC, the company has become one of North America’s fastest growing home health care businesses, dedicated to providing the highest quality care option for seniors and is fast becoming a globally admired brand.

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