Home care is an industry with rapid growth as demand soars while baby boomers continue to age. It is also a very human business. It’s also a family-centric business and a lot of our Franchise Partners have first-hand experience providing care or seeking care to support their aging loved ones. 

At Nurse Next Door, we’ve seen many family members actually team up to start a home care business together because they shared this intimate and important decision in life, which makes them bond more than ever. Usually we see husband and wife teams, but we have a few franchise locations that are run by mother-daughter duos (Nurse Next Door Chatham, ON), mother-son teams (Nurse Next Door San Antonio, TX) etc that are thriving. We’re excited to announce the launch of the very first franchise opening in the state of Indiana, Nurse Next Door Fishers, IN!

The owners are: couple Greg and Rene Williamson and their daughter, Olivia. It truly is a family business and today we get to chat with them and learn more about what inspired them to take a deep dive into what inspired them to join forces to run a home care business!

How did you found out about Nurse Next Door? 

Greg: We learned of Nurse Next Door when I began searching for franchise opportunities and found Nurse Next Door on lists of “top franchises” in various publications. After researching three options, Nurse Next Door emerged as our clear favorite. Pink cars, quality of the website, and the 24/7 Care Services Call Center caught our eyes. The vision of “Making Lives Better” and the concept of Happier Aging captured our hearts. 

Tell us more about your past experiences!

Greg: My professional career has been focused on raising money for non-profit charities and healthcare organizations. What I enjoy most about my job is connecting generous donors to opportunities that will make a dramatic impact, sometimes life-saving impact, for the less fortunate. 

Olivia: I studied anthropology and management in college.  After I graduated, I worked a variety of jobs which led me to caregiving. I fell in love with my clients. It was an honor to be invited into someone’s home and become a part of their family.  Now I get the chance to do what I am passionate about on an even larger scale! 

Rene: I have previous experience in sales, financial aid and the mortgage industry.  During the past decade, I worked most recently as a supervisor and executive administrative assistant for senior and chief executives at OneAmerica – a financial services company in Indianapolis. OneAmerica has a corporate culture that values people and is open to leadership and innovation from all team members. I hope to establish this same culture at Nurse Next Door Fishers.

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What’s Fishers, IN like? Why does your community need home care?

Greg: In 2017, Fishers, Indiana was named to the top spot in Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live”. Fishers and neighboring communities of Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield all have terrific schools, beautiful parks and vibrant arts communities. These communities are wonderful places to raise families and establish deep roots,  so no surprise that many families are multi-generational and in need for exceptional home-based senior care.


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You’re entering the business as a family–how did the Williamsons come to the decision of purchasing a franchise? 

Greg: When I was researching franchise opportunities I gravitated to home care for seniors. Rene and I both recently had the experience of arranging care for our parents so we know firsthand how stressful and overwhelming the process can be for adult children.  Franchising was the right choice for us because we are confident in the Nurse Next Door brand and know with support from HeartQuarters, we can be the best home care provider in Central Indiana.

How will you be delegating various tasks?

Olivia: Based on our previous areas of experience, we each have one or two areas of the business we are focused on. I am serving as our Agency Manager and Care Designer because I have the most flexibility in my schedule for completing Caring Consults whenever the need arises.

Rene: I enjoy establishing policy and procedures and Finding a Better Way. My experience as an Executive Assistant will help ensure Nurse Next Door Fishers is fast, accurate and efficient in all aspects of our business. We want to have our systems and processes in place so that we can support our Caregivers and make Nurse Next Door Fishers an employer they are proud to join.

What were your biggest learnings/takeaways throughout Training Week at HeartQuarters?

Olivia: Going into Training Week (called Foundations Immersion), it was hard to imagine what everyday life would like running a home care agency. After the entire week of training, I was able to start to piece together the details of my role in the business. I also had more confidence after knowing who all was behind me, cheering me on at HeartQuarters!

Rene: Our week at HeartQuarters was the right mix of training, practical instruction and pep rally. I was able to observe a Caring Consult which was very helpful. You bond quickly with other future Franchise Partners and they become a source of encouragement and information long after the week in Vancouver has concluded. We’ve made business allies and friends all at once!

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(Left to Right & Back to Front: Jenny & Coleman McNear, Boise, ID; Steve & Kristin Sines, Dallas NW, TX; Teri & John Collard, Orlando, FL; Paige & Sami Sahab, Tampa Bay, FL; Greg, Rene & Olivia Williamson, Fishers, IN)

What are you most excited about for the launch of your business?

Olivia: I have loved interviewing and getting to know our Caregivers! I can’t wait to pair each of our clients with their perfect match of a caregiver. There are some VERY talented and passionate people ready to go here in Fishers!

Rene: I am most excited about learning and growing in our roles as the experts in helping seniors stay in their homes. There is always more to learn and ways to improve and that is part of the excitement about launching a business. 

Greg: All of us are looking forward to sharing those inspiring stories about Happier Aging!

What would you say is your biggest strength?

Greg: Our biggest strength is family and a servant-hearted leadership style. I know we’ll benefit from having three people in leadership roles – myself, Rene and Olivia. We have different life experiences, different points of view, different strengths but we all have what I would describe as warm and extroverted personalities – that’s no knock on introverts, but I think the three of us really enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives!

What is one thing you think will require you to step outside your comfort zone? 

Olivia: Learning the accounting and payroll process. Numbers used to scare me, but I am up for a challenge. 

Greg: Moving too slow!

Rene: Moving too fast!

Olivia: See, they’re perfect. 

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How will you work towards overcoming that (obstacle/challenge)?

Olivia: I am planning on taking advantage of mentoring opportunities, as well as learning from my parents. 

Greg: I’ve worked long enough to know our anxiety about a particular challenge is rarely in line with the actual problem. Stay calm and call HeartQuarters is my motto.

Rene: I would add that with careful planning and standard operating procedures, we can minimize the size of the problem. Sure, challenges will come, but we’ll have the training, support and resources to overcome quickly for our home care business!

What does Happier Aging mean to you?

Olivia: Happier aging is connection! Connection with my inner self, my friends and family, and with nature. Every day holds the opportunity to spread joy even in the most brief moments of connection. I just had a great conversation with the cashier at the grocery store that I see every time I’m there.  I finally slowed down, introduced myself, and now I have a new friend. That’s Happier Aging!

Rene: Happier Aging is finding joy and purpose at every point in life, regardless of your age. With seniors, I know depression can set in when they can no longer do those hobbies and activities they previously enjoyed. So I am so excited for both our caregivers and clients – we are going to make some really special moments possible. 

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What do you love doing in your free time?

Olivia: I want to always be learning so I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and chatting with people older and wiser than myself! I also like to sweat out any stress from the day in hot yoga. 

Rene: I enjoy relaxing walks, rich conversations, and dinners with friends and family. I volunteer for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at my sons’ school and enjoy helping the school with all sorts of events including school plays, field trips and fundraising activities.  

Greg: Rene and I enjoy helping our five children ranging in age from 27 to 10. From homework and multiplication tables to career choices and financial planning, we get plenty of opportunities to help our children grow and mature, which is great fun. To relax, I enjoy a good book about history and like to bake cookies and pies.

Greg, Olivia and Rene are more than ecstatic to introduce Nurse Next Door Home Care Services Fishers to their community. You can also follow their journey on Facebook.

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