A Home Care Franchise Heart-to-Heart: Hersh

Learn why Hersh, Franchise Sales Manager, loves helping people buy franchises.

In this installment of Franchising Heart-to-Heart, our Franchise Sales Manager, Hersh Kalles tells us why Nurse Next Door means so much to him.

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What were you doing before NND?

I had just come back from several months in Asia where I was building my own organization called The Goodness Bridge. I’ve been all over the map–I worked with autistic kids, spent years with Princess Cruises, and taught kindergarten and university level students in Beijing.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I work remotely, so I’m not always in the office. But when I come in, it’s great to see and reconnect with everyone. I’ve been here for over three years now and actually began in our Care Services Center, so I’ve been able to grow and expand into different roles within that time frame and I enjoy talking to people about what we do (because I believe in what we do).

Why is NND close to your heart?

When I first moved to Vancouver, I wanted to find work with intrinsic meaning, so I started looking at charities and nonprofits. I connected with (co-founder) John deHart because of someone I met while I was working in the cruise industry. Nurse Next Door is close to my heart because it helps fulfill my purpose. “For profit and for purpose,” as they say.

In this industry, we deal with people in stressful situations, whether they’re the ones in need of care, or the ones doing the caregiving. We have to be sensitive and community-oriented, which really gives me purpose because it’s about bringing positivity back into clients’ lives. I like how we go above and beyond, whether it’s handing out daisies at the seniors center, joining a walk for the cure, or finding other ways to get involved in the community.

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How do you help home care Franchise Partners after they join the NND family?

We stay in touch as they launch and make sure they’re moving forward purposefully. We partner new Franchise Partners with others to create a mentorship.

If you could give a potential Franchise Partner one piece of advice, what would you tell them?

Leverage the franchise system! It’s there for a reason. If you didn’t want to work with resources that work, you’d start a non-franchise business yourself. You should be in it for the long term. Build a legacy!

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