Why Joining the Nurse Next Door Bold Pink Club Will Change Your Home Care Business

Learn why Nurse Next Door’s Bold Pink Club is the number one club to be a part of this upcoming year.

Bold Pink Club



  1. Nurse Next Door’s top-performing Franchise Partners who have met or surpassed revenue targets for their respective franchises territories.
  2. An achievement 14 franchises and 22 Franchise Partners celebrated this year.
  3. A 3 day annual celebratory event that occurs in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Nurse Next Door Leadership Team and all Franchise Partners who rocked it this year!

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September 19th, 2016: It’s the last day of Nurse Next Door’s Annual Conference 2016. Every year, the final night is the Awards Gala – an event to celebrate the year and recognize Franchise Partners for their contributions to the business. They’re announcing the Bold Pink Club winners, which is something you aspire to be a part of next year. As you see the winners walk on stage, you think to yourself that next year you will walk across that stage; your name will be called; you will be one of the top performing Franchise Partners in the system. You are already thinking about the systems and initiatives you plan to implement to get there. Hearing from world-class speakers, attending roundtable discussions led by subject-matter experts and connecting with other Franchise Partners across North America, has motivated you to grow your business this upcoming year. You feel more than confident that you have the tools to do so, and you also have the passion for this brand to take you there.

October 1st, 2016: You’ve shared Annual Conference learnings with your team and made sure they’re aware of revenue targets. You’ve met several times and have planned weekly meetings to discuss progress, learnings and how you’re going to get there. It’s important for you to ensure that all your staff and employees are aware of their goals.

December 18th, 2016: You’ve just met with a hospital in the community for a potential referral program that looks promising. It’s now time to shadow your Care Designer, Kim, on a first-time visit and Caring Consult™ with an 85-year-old named Sue. You arrive at Sue’s house and she welcomes you inside enthusiastically. Upon talking with Sue, it’s clear that she is fairly independent so you’re not sure what services she needs. Then, Kim, asks the golden question, “What did you use to love to do that you no longer do?” Sue’s eyes light up and she discusses how she used to go fishing with her late husband.

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March 5th, 2017: You’ve secured a referral program with the nearby hospital which has brought an increase in intakes.  You call your caregiver, Jane, who has been matched with Sue. They’ve been working together for 3 months now and Sue has enjoyed her company so much that she’s increased services from three days a week to five days a week. Jane and Sue have been working together for the past few weeks planning to go the local fishing pond where she used to go with her late husband.

July 9th, 2017: You contact a Franchise Partner who made the Bold Pink Club last year to ask a question about staffing. He, in addition to your Nurse Next Door Business Coach, have been a great help providing tips and mentoring you with your home care business. The support here is great and has been a huge impact in the growth of your business.

September 17th, 2017: It’s been another great three-day Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC, full of learnings. The year has flown by and you’re ecstatic with what your team and you have accomplished. As you sit at the table with other Franchise Partners from Canada and the United States, you feel a sense of excitement and nervousness as it’s time for the Bold Pink Club award.  They start announcing winners and then suddenly it feels surreal. They announce your name and you can’t even remember walking onto that stage to accept the award from Cathy Thorpe, President and CEO of Nurse Next Door, in addition to the rest of the Leadership Team. It’s nice to receive recognition for the work you’ve done and the heart shaped trophy is symbolic of that. You stand on the stage looking out into the audience of people cheering and are blown away with the recognition from your peers. You’ll never forget this moment.

October 15th, 2017: You arrive in Vegas for the Bold Pink Club trip! It’s your first time here and you’re excited to celebrate with the Nurse Next Door Leadership Team and fellow Franchise Partners who made the club. You look forward to the days ahead and the bonding that will surely occur. You know these people fairly well but it’ll be nice to enjoy a few days of laughter and fun with them in-person. It’s an exciting three day itinerary with activities such as rooftop golfing at Top Golf, delicious steak and worldly dinners at top notch restaurants, such as TAO, and being treated like a VIP by Nurse Next Door with a fantastic room and service at the Cosmopolitan hotel. There is celebration drinks; dancing; music; entertainment; and overall, just tons of fun – you are in VEGAS Baby!!

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October 18th, 2017: The Bold Pink Club trip in Vegas is coming to an end but you loved every moment of it. It exceeded your expectations and you’re re-energized to get back to business. Being part of this club with other top-performing Franchise Partners has made you realize how lucky you are to run a franchise that is fulfilling a need in the aging population, that supports you, that gives you purpose in the community and where colleagues are your friends. Vegas has really just been the icing on the cake of a great year. As you board the plane to leave Vegas, you’re already thinking of what you plan to do this coming year to make it to the Bold Pink Club next year and the subsequent years after that.home care business

We feel extremely proud to be part of the Bold Pink Club. It allows our team to know how we have all worked together as a team and be recognized as one of the top locations within our entire Nurse Next Door family. We can see how our team members are proud in reaching that achievement. It gives them a focus on a larger goal than just looking at the day-to-day operations. – Kim & Brett Kendrick (Richmond, BC)

In 2016, Nurse Next Door welcomed 14 franchises and 22 Franchise Partners to the Bold Pink Club:

  • Danny Birch and Elizabeth Rose (North Shore, BC)
  • Scott Voisey (Edmonton/St. Albert, AB)
  • Todd and Amanda Carwell (Edmonton SW, AB)
  • Travis Tinning (Calgary, AB)
  • Wendy Scott and Susan Scott (Burnaby, BC)
  • Lindsay Eldridge (Delta, BC)
  • Chris Wilkinson and Tawnya Ketch (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Michael Lu (Etobicoke, ON)
  • Rob and Laura Harris (Toronto Central, ON)
  • Rob and Heather Van Norman (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Estelle and Mike Shelley (Saanich, BC)
  • Chris and Lori Paton (Oakville, BC)
  • Kim and Brett Kendrick (Richmond, BC)

We’re continuously looking for the next Franchise Partners who have what it takes to surpass expectations and join the Bold Pink Club. Think it’s you? Click here to learn more about how you can start your own home care business today!

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