In our previous blog, we highlighted why veterans make thriving franchisees. This is because franchise systems offer a structured, support within the organization, very much like in the military. Today, we highlight our Franchise Partners, Priscella and Copeland Grant, owners of Nurse Next Door Alpharetta, GA.

Wife and husband duo, Priscella and Copeland are proud parents of four children (15 year old and three 11-year olds) which includes adopted twin girls. The two of them also happen to be veterans! They launched earlier in 2019 and today, we ask them some questions to learn more about why they chose Nurse Next Door.

What made you choose the home care industry?

Priscella: My Grandmother lives in South Carolina and she had recently had a heart attack around New Years. She came to Georgia for about a week and we were looking for independent living facilities for her. This was probably the 4th time she had come to Georgia to look for living facilities and after about a week of being here, she would change her mind and want to go home. This time because of her heart attack the family and her doctors told her that she is not able to live home alone. We gave in and took her back home on the condition that she would find a Caregiver to help her.

During this time we were also looking for business ventures to get into. I had previously run a non-profit organization and had a very difficult time finding funding. This time around we decided to purchase a franchise so that we would have some guidance on growing a business. My Grandmother went through 3 Caregivers before finding one that she was comfortable with. While we were all going through this with her we decided that we would merge the two biggest hurdles currently in our lives and seek out a Home Healthcare franchise.

Tell us a little more about your military and work experience prior to purchasing a Nurse Next Door franchise? How has it influenced you?

Copeland: I was in the US Marine Corp. Being in the military provided discipline and structure for my life. After that, I left the military and gained focus on my goals and the path I wanted to take going forward. For 20 years, I’ve worked in the airline industry. Working for a great airline has taught me how to best treat my employees and how to make them feel appreciated. It has also taught me that customer service is paramount to building a reputable and successful brand.

Copeland in the Marine Corp.

Priscella: I joined the US Air Force a month before 9/11. I was still home when 9/11 happened and was scheduled to leave for Basic Training on October 3rd. I remember sitting for hours and watching the news footage. War or terrorism never crossed my mind that day or that entire week. All I could see, feel or think about was all those people that had lost their lives. I was born in New York and much of my immediate family still lives there. My Aunt was actually at work near the Towers that day and I remember her calling late that night to say she was okay and that she was walking home across the bridge because the entire city was in chaos.

It didn’t hit me possibly until a week later that this was an act of war. I had forced myself to stop watching the news and listening to the footage so I was aware of what all the reports were at the time. When I did realize that the country was likely going to war and that I had essentially signed up for this war, I was numb at first. I wasn’t scared or afraid, honestly, I wasn’t even angry. I believe I was searching for understanding and a solution. What I came up with was that when I completed basic training, I would choose a job that would work to stop things like this from ever happening again. A career that could possibly even prevent it.

Upon getting to my 5th week in Basic Training we started reviewing career choices. It was the first job on the list, had the longest training time frame, and required the highest security clearance and credentials. I read the job description and realized this was the help, this was my solution to possibly preventing the next attack. So I chose to become an Intelligence Analyst in the US Air Force.

I gave briefings to Captains and Generals on military threats. I had the opportunity to research those threats, understand those tactics and ideals. I also learned how to counteract their threats and attacks. I think of business in much the same way. I will likely need to describe my business to professionals and people with much more experience and education in the field. But my job will be to convince them that what I am presenting to them is not only truth but beneficial to their well being. I will research the competition and the industry, then develop a strategy on how best to not only win in business but care for their clients better and more effectively.

I always remember the Air Force core values; Integrity First, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. These are the most important things I learned and the values that will definitely help me become successful in life as well as business.

You got to join us at HeartQuarters in Vancouver for a week of training. What was your favourite part of it?

Copeland & Priscella: Our biggest takeaway was the culture in HeartQuarters. It didn’t seem like the normal corporate office atmosphere. It seemed more like family. This is what we want to bring back and create with our Caregivers.


How will you be delegating responsibilities of running the business?

Copeland has taken on the task of Marketing and developing the best strategy to tackle their location. Priscella has taken on multiple roles in the company and will devote her time to building the brand and developing meaningful relationships with the Clients and Caregivers.

Priscella says, “Nurse Next Door is special because it offers hope. The word hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. We not only provide quality care and assistance to seniors, but we offer them the chance to get excited about the possibilities for certain things to happen.”

Priscella and Copeland have been putting effort into guerilla marketing in their local community in Alpharetta. Dropping off impeccably-wrapped, thoughtful care packages for seniors in the neighborhood, spreading the word that Nurse Next Door is here to help and educating people what our philosophy when it comes to care, “Happier Aging” is all about!

They have also hosted painting classes at a senior community center—getting out of their comfort zones and connecting with those in their communities. They’re making lives better before in the military and they’re making lives better now in the home care industry. Can’t wait to see what they can accomplish!

Priscella has been contributing a few articles to Nurse Next Door’s Caring Blog on senior health and wellness topic. You can find them on Facebook as well, be sure to check them out!

Did you know that Nurse Next Door is a member of VetFan, which makes it easier for veterans to make plans, find a budget, and thrive as Franchise Partners?

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