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Disrupting the home care industry for 15 years with its unique brand and approach, Nurse Next Door continues to enrich the lives of seniors across North America. With 130+ home care franchise locations, Nurse Next Door is also a proud, strong franchise system helping countless entrepreneurs succeed since first franchising in 2007.

Nurse Next Door offers three unique business models geared towards entrepreneurs and organizations who want to build scalable, robust home care businesses while making a positive impact on their community. Find out which model works for you and then fill out our form to learn more.



Nurse Next Door’s traditional franchise model is geared towards independent owner-operators looking to build 1 to 4 franchise locations in their home community. This popular model sees Franchise Partners build their Nurse Next Door location from the ground up, rolling up their sleeves to build a profitable business they can be proud of.


Low Start-Up Investment

In an industry that is rapidly growing, our low start-up costs stack up well against other franchise opportunities.

Big Network

With over 130 Nurse Next Door franchises across North America, the support and learnings from other Franchise Partners are always readily available.

Impact Your Community

Investing in a home care franchise gives you a chance to make a difference in the lives of clients, caregivers and families.


The Ideal Candidate

Susan (Corporate Employee)
Previous Career: Mid-level manager
Age: 40
Hobbies: Spending time with her husband and 12 year-old daughter and getting lost in a good bookSusan has been working for a national bank for five years as a mid-level manager. However, she often finds herself wondering what it would be like to become her own boss. Always striving to find a better solution, she has never been afraid to do things differently and stand out from the crowd. Susan doesn’t have any professional experience as a caregiver or nurse but understands the foundation of running a business.In her past and current work positions, Susan has always been a part of a team and enjoys that collaborative atmosphere. She loves people and thrives off the energy of her colleagues. A natural born-leader, she is willing to step in to do her part as well as lead others even if it’s at 2 a.m. Susan enjoys seeing the bigger picture in things but doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves to get involved as well. She enjoys meeting new people and they are naturally drawn to her personality. It’s not uncommon to see her meeting up with someone new for coffee at least once a week. Upon researching her next career path, she was immediately drawn to Nurse Next Door’s franchising opportunity.


Jacob and Darren (Grad & Dad)
Previous Careers: Recent Graduate & Corporate Employee
Age: 25 & 65
Hobbies: Fishing, playing sports and catching up with friends over a coffeeJacob recently achieved his dream of graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree with Honors from his state University. However, soon after graduation, Jacob faced the reality of the competitive job market. He witnessed his friends struggling to find jobs due to inexperience in the field or accept entry-level jobs to get their foot in the door. He knew those weren’t the paths he wanted to go down. With his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make an impact in his community, Jacob was passionate about running his own business. Although he was fairly young, he had the education, dedication and heart to invest his time and money into this type of business venture.Coincidentally, Jacob’s father, Darren, was looking for a career change around the same time of Jacob’s graduation. Although he was a respected employee at his corporate job after working there for over twenty years, he wanted to start phasing out towards retirement. Knowing that this was the case, Jacob proposed a partnership with Darren to open a franchise together. With Jacob’s determination to put in hard-work, Darren’s expertise and Nurse Next Door’s proven-franchise model system and support, he knew they could be successful.


Nancy (Registered Nurse)
Previous Careers: Registered Nurse
Age: 35
Hobbies: Visiting her grandparents, jogging and paintingAfter receiving her Registered Nurse (RN) certification, Nancy secured a job at her local hospital where she worked as a charge nurse on the Medicine ward for over ten years. Although she loved being a Registered Nurse, she always wanted to explore her entrepreneurial passion and find out what it was like on the operational side of caring for someone. Working in the health care industry for her whole career, Nancy became tired of the system and wanted to change the way seniors and those discharged from the hospital were being cared for.Five years ago, Nancy’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she became her full-time caregiver.
As the Alzheimer’s progressed she struggled with looking after her and working a full-time job. In her search for quality home care, she quickly realized how difficult it was to find these type of services that truly cared for their clients. In hopes of combining her nursing expertise, desire to provide exceptional home care services to her community and strong leadership skills, Nancy turned to a Nurse Next Door franchise.

Nurse Next Door’s Sophisticated Investor model is designed for investors looking to make a bigger impact, more quickly over a broader geographic region. While the Franchise Owner may, or may not, be actively involved in day-to-day operations, General Managers are used to build out a geographic area relatively rapidly. This model sees franchise owners secure 5 to 10 locations in a major metro area while investing in a deeper team and a robust marketing plan to scale the business quickly.



You’ll leverage your passion and leadership skills to build a strong team that will help grow your multi-unit business.


Overseeing the high-level aspects of the business, you’ll hire and work with team members who will run day-to-day operations.

Scalable Model

Our proven system is equipped with processes and resources that can accommodate growth and multi-unit teams.


The Ideal Candidate

Previous Career: C-Level Executive
Age: 50
Hobbies: Traveling and hiking with his wife and two children aged sixteen and eighteenAfter years in the corporate world as a C-level executive leading large, multi-national teams, Michael became an experienced investor who continuously looked for his next venture. In the past, he looked for investments that were profitable but he wanted to look for something more than that on his next one. He wanted to build a business of his own that had heart and would impact the community. He was inspired to devote his resources and time to something that would bring him fulfillment.Looking to leverage his leadership skills, Michael wanted to build a strong team of General Managers. Although he wasn’t planning to be operationally-focused on the business, he was prepared to hire General Managers and invest in people with strong leadership skills who could help run the day to day operations. From his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is able to understand the intricacies of running a business and the importance of scaling and building efficient systems and process. After coming across Nurse Next Door, this seemed like the perfect fit and opportunity.

Hospital and health systems continue to face increasing pressure to mature their business models to provide a full continuum of care – from hospital to home. Reducing readmissions and capitalizing on the burgeoning private-duty home care space continues to be a strategic mandate for these organizations across the United States. While these organizations have in many cases built globally admired health systems, they have typically struggled to build strong, robust private duty businesses. Nurse Next Door’s Health System Model is geared towards these organizations – helping them to unlock the private duty business in their market while reducing their own readmissions.


Extend Community Reach

If you want to extend a continuum of care for your clients once they’ve been discharged, our private duty services are the solution.

Reduce Readmissions

Partnering with Nurse Next Door’s private duty service can reduce hospital readmissions and the penalty rates that come with them.

Diversify Revenue

Reduce risk by adding an additional revenue stream which keeps your business moving forward and leads to new economies of scale.


The Ideal Candidate

St. Joseph’s Health System
Years Operational: 70

St. Joseph’s Health System has been a dominant figure in the health system for seventy years. It’s well known but it’s been struggling to reduce its hospital readmission rates. When patients are discharged from the hospital, they’re not receiving the quality home care they need in order to continue living at home safely. As a result, re-admission rates are increasing and the hospital is being penalized by Medicare.

After an attempt to set-up private duty care themselves, the organization did not have the experience nor systems to successfully operationalize its vision. Therefore, they began researching prominent home care companies in the industry. As they began to explore the different private duty agencies, they knew they wanted to partner with a company that had core values similar to theirs, focused on the physical and emotional well-being of clients and had a proven system in place. In an effort to extend a continuum of care past the hospital, a Nurse Next Door franchise was the solution.

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