How to Care Podcast

A conversation series with Cathy Thorpe, CEO of Nurse Next Door

How to Care Podcast 7: Meet Kiran, The Franchise Owner

Nurse Next Door is not just one business. “HeartQuarters,” in Vancouver, sits at the intersection of the brand and the small business owners who run Nurse Next Door franchises across three countries. Kiran Samran is…Read More >

How to Care Podcast 6: Meet Marika, The Care Designer

“Care Designer” is not a job title you see at other care or health companies. Instead, they are often referred to as care managers. Marika Svac joins Sarah and Cathy to help us understand the…Read More >

How to Care Podcast 5: Meet John, The Caregiver

At the core of Nurse Next Door are our Caregivers, and John Steele exemplifies everything it means to embrace Caregiving as a Career. It’s about shifting the mindset of what that role of the Caregiver…Read More >

How to Care Episode 4: From Cathy’s Couch

Over the last three podcasts we’ve talked to CEO Cathy Thorpe about her leadership style and management philosophy, but now it’s time to walk the walk. Leaders and employees from inside and outside of Nurse…Read More >

How To Care Episode 3: Leading from the Heart

Cathy Thorpe is all about getting the best out of the people at Nurse Next Door. To do that, she knows she has to give them her best in return. Kim Scott’s concept of “Radical…Read More >

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