We’re thrilled to announce that Bret Freeman, Esq. and Dr. Timothy Hembree have launched their Nurse Next Door Franchise in Pinellas Park, Florida! With their extensive backgrounds in medicine, law, and business management and a genuine passion for caregiving, they are set to offer a unique and heartfelt form of home care to their community.

Join us in welcoming Bret and Dr. Timothy as they share their journey and vision for bringing comprehensive home care to Pinellas Park—a mission for them that is both deeply personal and professional.

Veteran and Nurse Next Door Caregiver

Background and Experience

Bret Freeman, Esq. and Dr. Timothy Hembree are highly educated professionals equipped with advanced degrees in law and medicine. Their professional experience encompasses more than 25 years in business management, 15 years in medicine, and 7 years in legal and complex litigation.

This diverse expertise fuels their approach to providing skilled and non-skilled care under the Nurse Next Door brand, renowned for its Happier Aging™ philosophy.

What Motivated the Move to Home Care?

Dr. Hembree recounts persistent challenges with local home health agencies that failed to deliver reliable care, sparking the realization of a significant service gap. This experience led them to create a solution that would ensure dependable, quality care. Discovering Nurse Next Door’s innovative approach and core values like Happier Aging™ and Bold Kindness affirmed their decision to start this franchise.

The Need for Home Care in Pinellas Park, Florida

“There is a definite need for quality home care here,” says Bret Freeman, Esq. Many local services fall short in reliability and quality, highlighting the gap that their Nurse Next Door franchise aims to fill. Their commitment focuses on setting a new standard for excellence and reliability in local home care services.

What Goals Are You Most Excited About for Your Community?

“The primary goal is to provide top-notch home health services that truly meet the needs of both healthcare providers and clients,” explains Dr. Hembree. They also aim to make their franchise a top employment choice in the community, which supports their broader goals for financial growth and service expansion.

They are particularly excited about expanding their services to include Medicare-certified skilled and non-skilled care and managing complex medical cases under Dr. Hembree’s supervision.

Why Nurse Next Door?

“Nurse Next Door’s Happier Aging philosophy offers a fresh, innovative approach that really resonates with our community,” Bret states. Dr. Hembree adds, “It’s essential that our caregivers embody these principles to truly impact our clients’ lives.” They are determined to exceed the usual standards of home healthcare, making Nurse Next Door the superior choice in Pinellas Park.

What is Your Take on Happier Aging™?

Happier Aging means choosing how we age, maintaining the joy in activities we love,” says Bret. For both Bret and Dr. Hembree, this includes a future where they can enjoy their retirement and passion for travel, supported by a robust and self-sustaining business.

As we introduce Bret Freeman, Esq. and Dr. Timothy Hembree to home and senior care in Pinellas Park, Florida, we look forward to seeing them make lives better every day in their community!

Inspired by their heartfelt mission and personal story? 

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