With her journey from a Personal Support Worker to Practical Nursing, and then ascending into management, Tonya Raymond embodies resilience and passion in healthcare. Her successful transition into an owner-operator with Nurse Next Door in North Bay, Ontario, is a testament to her dedication. Now, she’s expanding her vision with a second franchise territory in Timmins, Ontario, bringing a wealth of experience and heartfelt care to the community.

Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner

What Motivated The Move to a Second Territory?

Tonya’s journey in healthcare has been marked by inspiring encounters and profound experiences that highlighted the essential role of personalized home care. Her first franchise’s success in North Bay, driven by a philosophy of #BoldKindness, #HappierAging™, and #PeoplePromise, motivated her to extend these values to another community. It’s not just about providing services; it’s about revolutionizing home care with empathy and professionalism.

The Home Care Landscape in Timmins, Ontario

In Timmins, the demand for quality home care is significant. The region has a growing population of seniors who cherish their independence and wish to age gracefully in their homes. Nurse Next Door’s presence in this region represents a commitment to empower these residents, ensuring they enjoy the highest quality of life in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Why Nurse Next Door?

Nurse Next Door, under Tonya’s leadership, stands out for its commitment to making a difference. The brand’s philosophy of Bold Kind aligns perfectly with Tonya’s own values. It offers not just home care, but a promise of Happier Aging™, focusing on what people can do and encouraging them to pursue their passions.

How Do We Stand Out?

What sets Nurse Next Door apart is its holistic approach to caregiving. It’s more than just meeting physical needs; it’s about nurturing the spirit, fostering joy, and creating meaningful experiences for every individual. This approach resonates deeply with Tonya’s vision of making lives better.

What is Your Take on Happier Aging™?

For Tonya, Happier Aging™ is about enabling people to live their best lives, regardless of their age or health challenges. It’s about seeing individuals for who they are and what they love and providing care that’s as unique as each client. This philosophy has driven her first franchise’s success and is the cornerstone of her new venture in Timmins.

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