We’re excited to announce the expansion of the Nurse Next Door community with a second location in Spokane, Washington. This growth is led by our dedicated franchise partners, Doug and Jeanay Holcomb. Following their success in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, they are now extending their passion for healthcare and dedication to the Spokane community.

Doug brings a rich background in healthcare and leadership, with roles including US Navy Hospital Corpsman, EMT-B, RN, BSN, CCRN, complemented by Jeanay’s wide-ranging skills. This combination arms our Spokane team with exceptional expertise. Inspired by his parents’ dedication to their businesses, Doug has always aimed to excel.

His varied experiences in healthcare, along with his venture into woodworking, have driven him to make a meaningful impact beyond traditional nursing roles. Discovering Nurse Next Door was a turning point for Doug, offering an ideal path to blend his care-driven ethos with entrepreneurial goals.

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With their blend of medical expertise, leadership capabilities, and commitment to Happier Aging™, they are poised to revolutionize home care in the area. Let’s celebrate this new chapter by delving into an interview with the couple about their journey, motivations, and aspirations for undertaking this venture with Nurse Next Door.

What Motivated The Move to Home Care?

“I chose to start a Nurse Next Door franchise because I believe that people should enjoy life until the very last day,” explains Doug. This belief is at the core of their mission to provide premium home health care not only to the broader community but also to their own aging parents when the need arises. 

He adds, “I am mostly excited about bringing knowledge and education to the community as well as capturing WOW moments that leave lasting memories for a lifetime.” This approach to home care—focused on education, enriching experiences, and exceptional moments—highlights the unique motivations behind their commitment to Nurse Next Door and home care.

The Home Care Landscape in Spokane, WA

“With the steady growth of the 65 and older population, long-term care facilities are filling up and turning people away. The hospital is struggling with placement of post-op, surgical, and elderly patients in need of continued care that could be done in the home setting,” Doug points out. He emphasizes, “Nurse Next Door will fill the void by providing a premium nursing service with a wide range of options to the community.”

Why Nurse Next Door?

Highlighting the uniqueness of Nurse Next Door, with “a 24-hour call center, Happier Aging™ philosophy, and services that range from skilled to non-skilled nursing, companionship, post-op, surgical needs, and palliative care, we’re set apart in the home care sector.” This commitment extends beyond just providing care; it’s about enhancing lives through meaningful connections and support. 

“Our aim is not only to offer caregiving but to uplift lives, spread joy, and make a real difference by helping residents rediscover the joy in everyday moments.”

What is Your Take on Happier Aging™?

Doug and Jeanay succinctly capture the essence of Happier Aging™: “It means living each day to the fullest. Allowing our gifts and passion to be expressed no matter what our current state of health or physical condition.” This philosophy lies at the core of Doug and Jeanay’s approach, highlighting the importance of a zest for life despite challenges. It underlines their dedication to premium home health care, aimed not just at providing assistance but at fostering memorable experiences and genuine enjoyment of life in all its stages.

Welcome Doug and Jeanay to our community! Moved by their story? Let’s chat about how you, too, can make a difference in your community through home care.

Contact our Franchise Development Business Manager today at 1-855-737-6803.