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The Michigan Home Care Industry

The senior care industry is growing rapidly in North America, with aging seniors expected to make up 20 percent of the total population by 2030. A larger senior population means a lot more pressure on existing healthcare systems. Can government-led senior care keep pace? Or will home care businesses rise to meet the demand.

It’s clear that rising healthcare costs and an industry wide reduction in health employee numbers have left ample room in the market for home care franchise opportunities. Especially for franchises in Michigan.

Home care franchise opportunities in Michigan

A Quarter of the total population of Michigan is aged 65 or older. Michigan also has 14th highest percentage of residents aged 65 and older. This number is only going to grow in the coming years making Michigan a prime spot for starting a home care business.

The h​ome care franchise industry supports these aging seniors and help them live with dignity and independence in their golden years.

Are you a prospective franchisee interested in helping Michigan seniors receive quality care in the comfort of their own homes?

At Nurse Next Door, our home care expertise and reputation comes standard. We’re here to guide you through the entire franchise process and give you the tools you need to deliver a more caring, compassionate senior care service to seniors and their families in Michigan.

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A Unique Approach to Home Care

From companionship to end-of-life care, we help clients stay at home by finding fun, personalized ways to celebrate aging while providing 24/7 support.

Keeping people at home doesn’t necessarily mean we’re making them happy. Building on hobbies and interests helps us instill independence and joy in the lives of our clients at each visit.

Our Care Services Center is a centralized scheduling team that handles calls and inquiries daily, and manages client visits.

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The Care Services Platform

Nurse Next Door’s franchise concept has always been built around one key, unique differentiator — centralization. Unlike every other home health care franchise system, we believe our Franchise Partners should be out in their community, not stuck behind a desk. What started as a 24/7 call center to manage scheduling has evolved into so much more!

Inbound Sales

The Nurse Next Door brand and marketing systems are designed to get your phone to ring. Once they do, our Intakes Team is responsible for answering customer inquiries around the clock!


Scheduling is essential in this business and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a dedicated, 24/7 team to handle your scheduling so you can focus on building the business.

Attendance Monitoring

We monitor visit attendance to ensure the safety of your clients and caregivers. Always know what’s happening in your business and know that your business’ reputation is secure.

24/7 support

Your business is supported 24/7. From scheduling changes to client inquiries, we are there to answer your calls, around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Technology Stack

Enjoy a centralized dashboard for resources, education and system news, a cloud-based scheduling program and more. We believe in innovation and finding a better way!

Data & Analytics

With 200+ locations across three countries, Nurse Next Door’s centralized system provides tremendously valuable information.Get insight into your business. Work with your coaches to find opportunities to continue to optimize and grow your business!

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Happier Aging Philosophy

Nurse Next Door is a premium home care brand and that means we deliver a premium experience we call it Happier Aging. We believe, deeply, that aging should be the best part of life which is why we work to get our clients back to doing the things they love to do.

Happier Aging means reconnecting seniors with interests, hobbies, and passions that might have gotten lost amid busy schedules, health concerns, or other distractions. It could be something simple such as tabletop gardening for those with a green thumb or learning how to cook a new dish, because love is in the details!

When we meet our clients for the first time, we ask them, “What do you love doing but you no longer do?” and work to infuse that into every visit. It’s about the little things and really connecting with our clients.

At the first visit, we ask our clients,

What did you use to love doing that you can no longer do?

The Nurse Next Door Brand

In a space as competitive as private-duty home care, you need a brand that turns heads. The Nurse Next Door brand’s icon is a flower-heart bursting with joy in the colors yellow and pink. It symbolizes our core purpose of Making Lives Better and unique trademark concept of Happier Aging™.

In a sea of cold, stale, clinical providers, our bold brand serves as a huge advantage when our Franchise Partners are in the community. The pop of colours and our equally bright attitudes makes us stand out from the crowd—quite literally!

Scalable Revenue Streams

As with any business, it’s important not to rely on one source of revenue when developing a business plan. As a Nurse Next Door franchise partner, your earning potential will be fully supported by a proven business model composed of multiple revenue streams. 

A common misconception is that home care is dependent on ‘private pay’ clients given the nature of the service, however, eligible clients can have access to a range of financial assistance options to help pay for their care. Having access to multiple revenue streams like programs such as Veterans Affairs and insurance benefits provides franchise partners with growth opportunities across multiple touchpoints rather than relying solely on one.

Revenue streams can include:

Private Pay

Private Pay is where clients or their families cover the cost of home care services with personal funds. 

Veterans affairs

Programs such as Veterans Aid is available to help clients pay for care if they or their spouse have served in the military. 

Short-term insurance

Nurse Next Door works with national and local insurance companies to cover the cost of care for insured clients.

Long-term insurance

Long-term insurance benefits usually pays for in-home care to assist clients with “activities of daily living”

Our Story

Building a successful home health care business

Co-Founders Ken Sim and John DeHart found an opportunity when Ken’s wife went on emergency bed rest while pregnant.

Ken employed a caregiver and discovered that the caregiver had just started work after faxing in her resume the previous day. She had never met her employer.

Looking into the home health care business industry further, Ken and John found sterile businesses that provided the basics, making life only slightly more bearable for their clients. They knew that they could create something better and launched Nurse Next Door in 2001.