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Scheduling support for home health care franchises

In order to allow partners to focus on aspects of their business such as sales, marketing and customer satisfaction, we knew we had to develop a system that would minimize the amount of administrative work – especially scheduling. Since we only select about 1% of applicants who apply, we look for partners who are dedicated to providing great care. Because of this, we figured we would design a system that would allow them to do just that without the stress and burnout common in the home care industry.

The key to a successful home health care franchise business

Nearly $1 million went in to designing and implementing the 24/7 Care Services Center, which is a centralized scheduling department that handles calls, emails and inquiries throughout the day. If you are given the privilege of owning a Nurse Next Door franchise, you will be assigned schedulers who will answer the 1,000 calls that come in daily and fill open visits.

Our Care Services Specialists go through an extensive hiring and training process to make sure they are the right fit for this fast-paced, yet detail-oriented job. You will have direct access to the Care Services Center to ensure communication with Care Services Specialists via phone or email is easy.

Worried about the time zone difference? Care Services Specialists are assigned into different regions (Western, Central and Eastern) and are strategically scheduled at different times of the days to ensure maximum coverage. Therefore, Specialists who schedule for the Eastern areas come in pretty early in the day!

Your health care business can run like clockwork

Approximately, 800 inbound calls and 1,000 outbound calls for scheduling are handled daily. With Care Services Specialists strategically working at different peak times of the day, you can rest assured that your client’s scheduling needs will be met.

A proven system

Currently, we have a team of 55 full-time equivalent Care Services Specialists. To keep up with the growing demand for home care, we’re constantly hiring to ensure your business needs are met. With an average hold time goal of 30 seconds, it’s just one example of a promise we want to give to our clients. Our Net Promoter Score, which is one of the industry’s key customer service metrics, is a phenomenal 70 – a world-class score on par with prestigious brands such as Amazon.com, Apple and Publix and far above any other home health care franchise brand.

Tracking metrics can be time consuming so if you’re chosen to be a partner, Care Services Center metrics will be tracked for you. You will receive monthly “Admire People” reports documenting hold times, call volume, email traffic, CallMe investigations and the number of days visits have been called out for so you can follow-up with caregivers or adjust procedures accordingly.

We know that the population is aging and we are actively hiring Care Services Specialists to keep up with the growing demand for home care. We continuously look for improved methods of communication between the Care Services Specialists and our caregivers to eliminate call-back time. We’ve integrated the use of e-mail, text messages and an employee portal.

With the support of the Care Services Center, you will be given the time to focus on growing and scaling your business with the peace of mind that your clients’ requests are being handled in a timely manner.

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