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Elder care franchise core values

When Nurse Next Door started, co-founders John and Ken envisioned a work culture where employees enjoyed coming to work. Over the first four years, Nurse Next Door became one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. However, despite the success and the opportunity to make a difference that the industry provided them, the work culture vision was gradually fading. The rapid financial growth and the company culture that developed were leading Nurse Next Door down a path that they didn’t want to go. Neither John or Ken nor their employees were happy coming to work every day.

Why our health care business partners thrive

Determined to turn things around, they decided to start by creating a new work culture. They clarified their core values by asking employees who their best colleagues were. They then asked about the qualities that made them so great. Those qualities became Nurse Next Door’s core values:

  • Admire People
  • WOW Customer Experience
  • Find a Better Way
  • Passionate About Making a Difference

With the belief that customers could only receive the extraordinary care they deserve when employees were truly invested in the company, John and Ken revised employee training, redesigned communications, created new performance measurements and launched new initiatives and events.

Before long, their employees began enjoying their work. Admiring people made them feel like part of a community. Providing WOW customer service and their passion towards making a difference gave them a social mission. Finding a better way gave them flexibility for personal expression, learning and competence. They saw their values grow stronger in employees and employees were happier on a daily basis.

Many companies have core values in their mission statement, but few truly live by them. Nurse Next Door is one of those few. The core values are part of our DNA, it is the filter that the Leadership Team uses for decision making, how our caregivers engage with clients, and how those who are lucky enough to become Franchise Partner operate their business.

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