Why a Nurse Next Door franchise?

With over 150 franchises established across North America and plans for future expansion, this award-winning company provides personalized home health care as a developer and leader of Happier Aging® experiences.

What licenses do I need? How long does it take to get approval?

We answer these questions in our full article: How to Start a Health Home Care Business.

What does it cost to start up?

Costs can vary especially if you’re starting from scratch. The minimum investment is $109,000. Depending on your location, the size of your operation, and other variables, the numbers can fall across a large spectrum. For a detailed report of expenditures and figures, see What Are My Start Up Costs?

A Care Services Center to help with your scheduling

See how our Care Services Center is a true differentiator in the Home Care industry, and allows you the flexibility to focus on building your business at all times of day. Learn more about Centralized Scheduling.

Continuous dedication to your success

From our very first call together, Franchise owners at Nurse Next Door can expect to:

  • Learn and master Home Care business Laws and Regulations while delivering big heart across territories
  • Receive continuous coaching and strategy to maximize growth and development

Franchise Partner Training Week

Years of developing and honing our business model has allowed us to build an optimized framework to get you operating efficiently right out of the gate. Learn from our in house experts in Sales, Marketing, and Finance, as well as other key HQ members for a week of discovery and interactive learning.

Weekly Huddle Calls

HQ and your fellow Franchise Owners are as dedicated to your success as you. Each week, hear about strategies and technology the teams at HQ are implementing to improve scheduling, recruitment, and other processes for your business; and celebrate achievements and incredible customer experience stories with other franchise partners.

Support Network of Franchise Owners across North America

You are as strong as your network. Come together, whether on our collaborative online environment, or at Nurse Next Door’s annual conference, to inspire one another with your stories, passion and experiences, and discuss high-impact strategies and tips that strengthen your community reach and business growth.


Join our next Discovery Call

Arif Abdulla | VP, Global Franchise Development

Hear Arif Abdulla discuss how the industry of senior care will rapidly shift in the next few years from a global standpoint. Our Franchise Development team will cover what makes Nurse Next Door different from other home care companies, and share tips on how to get a strong start.

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In the world of small business opportunities, a senior home care franchise is one of the best bets, and a Nurse Next Door home health care franchise stands above the rest.

The home care franchise market is expected to grow for at least a generation. The demographics tell the story: In the United States, seniors made up 12.9 percent of Americans in 2009, roughly one out of every eight Americans. By 2030, that percentage is projected to hit 19, or nearly one in five.

Home care franchise opportunity

What the rapidly growing senior demographic means is an equally growing need for home health care services to keep these people at home. And of course with that need comes an unparalleled home health care business opportunity for entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada.

We know that with any strong business opportunity comes competition. So, standing out and differentiating your home health care business is critical to growth and profitability. Enter: Nurse Next Door.

Home Care Franchise Owner Testimonials

The Care Services Center has benefited us greatly as it’s a 24/7 service. We can’t possibly work 24/7 because we need sleep. The Care Services Center doesn’t sleep. They’re answering phones, putting out fires and re-scheduling when things need to be done. I cannot say enough about the Care Services Center…
Jeff & Nancy Huguet, Nurse Next Door Green Bay, WI
Going at it alone, there’s a lot more hurdles. With a Nurse Next Door franchise, you have support and the benefit from HeartQuarters and Corporate office. You also have the camaraderie and learnings from other franchisees. I think that’s really important for the community to have home care with consistent back-up and support.
Wendy Scott, Nurse Next Door Burnaby, BC
Building a successful quality business is by far the most satisfying thing to me. To see income come in because of something you’re doing that also benefits the community is powerful. Seeing our caregivers and Care Designers do what they love to do and giving people the opportunity to stay at home is pretty awesome.
Tiffany Rubin, Nurse Next Door Delaware

Looking to build a home health care business with heart?

Only one in a hundred become a Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner. Do you have what it takes?

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