2024 is now upon us, and as we welcome the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the transformative year that was 2023.

2023 proved to be an extraordinary year for Nurse Next Door. Our Bold Pink brand shone brighter than ever, expanding into more communities across North America, Australia, and now, across the seas to England. Throughout the past year, our teams have embraced and nurtured our philosophy of Bold Kindness in new and innovative ways. Our unwavering commitment to providing premium home care to our clients and their families has only grown stronger, and we’re grateful to witness more people embracing the concepts of Happier Aging™ in their lives.

In this review, we will share insights into the home care industry spanning 2023 and 2024, discuss franchise development, highlight key moments for Nurse Next Door in 2023, and provide a sneak peek into our plans for the year ahead.

Home Care Industry Trends: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

As the demand for home-based care grows in line with the increasing senior population, we at Nurse Next Door are keenly aware of the evolving needs of our communities. The World Health Organization’s forecast that 1 in 6 people globally will be over 60 by 2030 underscores a significant societal shift. This presents us with an opportunity to innovate and support families seeking quality care for their elderly loved ones. Our approach is rooted in empathetic conversations and a curiosity-driven exploration of new and improved care methods.

Key Healthcare Trends Observed in 2023 and into 2024:

  • Healthcare Staffing Shortages: The challenge of staffing shortages in healthcare, particularly in hospitals and aged-care homes, is undeniable and extends to home care as well. Yet, at Nurse Next Door, we see this as an opportunity to reimagine the work environment for caregivers. We’re passionate about creating a place where caregivers feel genuinely valued and excited to work, transforming a challenge into a chance for positive change. By nurturing the same spirit that drew caregivers to their profession—making a meaningful and positive difference—we are dedicated to ensuring that their work life is as rewarding as the care they provide without compromising their own well-being.


Our CEO, Cathy Thorpe, having experienced this balancing act herself, is deeply committed to supporting these caregivers. She shares her perspective on this trend: “It’s essential to provide these emerging caregivers with the knowledge to address the holistic needs of the elderly, going beyond the physical aspects. This includes promoting mental and emotional well-being, discovering opportunities for joy, and enhancing their overall happiness.”

  • Preference for Aging at Home: It’s heartening to see that the vast majority of seniors desire to age in their own homes, a testament to the comfort and independence that familiar surroundings provide. At Nurse Next Door, we’re enthusiastically committed to honoring this preference. Recognizing the challenges of staffing and family responsibilities, we’re innovatively working to provide solutions that respect and uphold the wishes of our senior clients. Our journey is marked by a spirit of discovery and a commitment to finding creative and effective ways to support our caregivers and clients alike.

Keep reading and explore our 2023 initiatives that are making a positive impact in our communities into 2024 and beyond.

Franchise Development 2023: Dynamic Growth and Innovation

In 2023, Nurse Next Door’s expansion reached new heights, with our reach extending to over 400 territories worldwide, earning us a spot in Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Global Franchises. Our Franchise Partners’ dedication to impacting the lives of aging adults has been instrumental in allowing us to help more seniors enjoy the comfort of their own homes.

Growth in the United States: The US saw significant growth, particularly in states like Texas, California, and Florida, nearing territory capacity. Despite this, opportunities for expansion remain, especially in untapped areas where we are eager to collaborate with new Franchise Partners.

Steady Progress in Canada: In Canada, our network continued to strengthen, with more territories secured and existing partners seeing an increase in client numbers.

International Horizons:

Australia: Our Australian expansion was notable, with 19 new locations opening in 2023 – a 51% increase from the previous year. This remarkable growth highlights the universal appeal of our care philosophy.

England: A milestone achievement in June 2023 was our expansion into England. Entrusting our master franchise rights to Prash and Karen Patel, seasoned healthcare professionals with over 25 years of experience, marks a significant step in our global journey. Their expertise is a perfect match for spearheading our presence across England.

“Karen and I are thrilled to embark on this new chapter. We have always aspired to make a national impact, and partnering with Nurse Next Door became the clear path to achieving that goal. The company’s vibrant brand, robust operational systems, and successful track record in other countries position us exceptionally well for expansion throughout England.” — Prash Patel

Our bold pink-wrapped cars, a signature of our brand, have already made their debut on the streets of England, symbolizing our commitment to vibrant and accessible care.

Our 2023 Highlights

In 2023, our teams at Nurse Next Door passionately advanced several key initiatives, all aligned with our Happier Aging™ vision and Bold Kind values. These efforts have not only strengthened our brand and care services but have also enabled us to better serve our communities.

Engaging the Community

At Nurse Next Door, we believe in the power of physical presence in strengthening communities. In 2023, our Franchise Partners participated in numerous events, including:

  • Nurse Next Door Discovery Day in Perth, Ontario: Ifeanyi Louisa Egbe, our General Manager, reflected on the event, saying, “Our first set of Caregivers joined us for Discovery Day today. They immersed themselves in our Bold Kind culture and delved deeper into our Happier Aging™ philosophy.”

  • 30th Annual Wellness Show in Vancouver: Our Vancouver team connected with health and wellness enthusiasts. Brittany Pratico, a Franchise Care Designer, shared, “Throughout the event, we engaged in insightful conversations with families about their care needs. We were delighted with the positive responses we received. Our commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our clients and community remains unwavering. We are thankful for events like this that bring us together to share knowledge, resources, and support.”

U.S. Veteran Affairs Initiative

In February 2023, the Veteran Affairs (VA) Community Care Network (CCN) introduced an encouraging development by updating its reimbursement rates. This significant change not only inspired Nurse Next Door Franchise Partners to join the Veteran Affairs Network but also led to a remarkable achievement: we quadrupled the number of our approved Nurse Next Door providers in the past year. This strategic move opens up new opportunities for our franchisees, offering them access to a wider range of revenue possibilities and enabling them to extend their care services to more veterans.

Operational Excellence

Spring 2023 marked a major advancement for Nurse Next Door with the enhancement of Care Central, highlighted by the launch of a new mobile app with push notifications. This pivotal upgrade streamlines operations for franchisees by providing easy access to essential resources like the Operations Manual and learning Academies, thus boosting efficiency. Care teams benefit from real-time updates, ensuring they have the latest information to deliver top-quality care. For our clients, this translates to more responsive and personalized services, as our teams are better equipped and informed, thanks to this improved technology upgrade.

Championing Caregiving as a Career

Caregiving as a Career shapes our career development initiatives, fostering a positive and engaging work environment. This approach ensures that our caregivers and care teams are excited and happy to come to work. It not only enables us to attract high-quality caregivers and celebrate their achievements but also helps in reducing caregiver turnover rates.

  • The Bold Wages & Bold Rates Initiative ensures that our caregivers receive competitive compensation, surpassing industry standards. This makes caregiving an attractive career choice for those in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to be the preferred destination for caregivers, offering wages higher than the livable standard. This empowers our caregivers to deliver a premium brand experience and propels their own lives forward in a meaningful way.
  • At the heart of our commitment to career growth is the Bold Dreams and Bold Goals Program. More than just an accolade, it serves as a launchpad for caregivers to pursue their dreams while enriching the lives of those they care for. We recognize and financially support caregivers who embody our core values and demonstrate unwavering dedication to their dreams and goals. In 2023, we proudly awarded $1,000 to ten exceptional caregivers across North America who embodied this commitment. 

At Nurse Next Door, we are dedicated to empowering everyone to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact. Stay tuned for our 2024 Bold Dreams and Goals initiative, coming soon!

How To Care Conversation Series:

In 2023, the How To Care conversation series unveiled its highly anticipated 3rd season. This engaging series features CEO Cathy Thorpe and other key members of our leadership team in thoughtful conversations. These discussions are not just impactful but also serve as abundant sources of inspiration, shedding light on our distinctive Bold Kind culture. They offer an insightful journey into how we breathe life into being boldly kind and embody our Happier Aging™ philosophy.

Follow the link to tune in today!

Looking Forward to 2024

As we step into the new year, we’re excited to share some of the thrilling developments we have in store:

New Careers Website

Coming soon! In the upcoming month, we are thrilled to unveil our new careers website. This revamped platform, currently in its final stages of development, is designed to offer caregivers a seamless and user-friendly experience in discovering job opportunities with Nurse Next Door. 

As a dedicated hub for those considering a career in caregiving, we can’t wait to share this comprehensive resource with you. Stay tuned for our launch announcement and be among the first to explore the dynamic career prospects on the new Nurse Next Door careers website.

The Bold Kindness Book – Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that Bold Kindness: A Caring, More Compassionate Way to Lead by our CEO Cathy Thorpe is now an Amazon #1 Best Seller. More than just a book, it is the essence of the Bold Kind movement. Cathy Thorpe’s book offers insightful perspectives on our leadership philosophy, advocating for a transformation in leadership and organizational culture through kindness. 

It’s a resource for anyone looking to lead boldly with more impact and empathy, providing practical advice on cultivating a meaningful and purpose-driven approach in both professional and personal settings. 

Get your copy on Amazon today and embark on this impactful journey with us to embrace and embody Bold Kindness.

Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

2023 has seen us broaden our horizons, strengthen our commitment to care, and cultivate a culture that values everyone’s contributions and nurtures dreams. Our journey in 2023 stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion, innovation, and community in creating a meaningful impact.

As we step into 2024, we eagerly embrace curiosity, aspire to connect with even more individuals on their journey toward Happier Aging™, and strive to extend care to those who need it most.

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