Story highlights ‘culture of caring’ at Nurse Next Door home care franchise


The Nurse Next Door home care franchise was recently featured in The Globe and Mail. The newspaper is considered Canada’s newspaper of record and has a weekly readership nearing 1 million.

The Nurse Next Door home care franchise celebrates aging, and our unique approach truly sets us apart from others in the home care industry, which often attracts media attention.

Case in point: Canada’s largest circulation newspaper, The Globe and Mail, recently published a colorful — and very touching — photo essay and extended narrative that focuses on Nurse Next Door.

The Globe and Mail piece zeroes in on this theme by tracking two Nurse Next Door caregivers as they go through their day engaging their clients in activities such as Tai Chi and yoga. It also shows how we make it a point to provide the best match possible between client and caregiver.

The relationship between Kay, an 84-year-old Vancouver client, and her Nurse Next Door caregiver, Sayaka, is a highlight of the piece. Since both women are Japanese, they are able to converse in their native language when Sayaka comes by for her weekly three-hour visits with Kay. The Globe and Mail caught them on a day when they were talking about Kay’s history as a renowned flower arrangement artist in Japan.

24/7 Care Services Center

The Globe and Mail picked up on another one of Nurse Next Door’s important differentiators — our 24/7 Care Services Center. The call center allows us to handle scheduling and in-bound sales for our franchise partners, one of the most difficult aspects of the business.


It is open to clients, caregivers and franchise partners around the clock, with care-service specialists in constant contact with caregivers and care designers to ensure shift appointments are being met.

Arif Abdulla, Nurse Next Door’s VP of U.S. Operations, says the call center makes a big impression on potential franchisees when they are researching franchise opportunities that fit their visions of owning a business.

“We’ve run some numbers and determined that our call center saves our franchise partners, on average, 237 hours per month in answering and making client calls, scheduling caregivers, follow-ups with customers and answering emails from clients,” Arif says.

“The Care Services Center is probably the top reason why prospective franchisees select us over any other provider in the market,” Arif adds. “When you look at scheduling in this business, it’s certainly the biggest obstacle to growing a business. If you look at a typical home care business, scheduling quickly becomes a full-time role, and the owner burns out. Putting out those kinds of fires takes the focus away from growing your business.”

The home care franchise market is expected to grow dramatically for at least a generation, and that’s another key point of The Globe and Mail story. It’s a reality we live with day in and day out at Nurse Next Door as we see the needs for our services grow throughout North America.

“If you look at the next 10 years, the climate for home care businesses continues to get sweeter and sweeter,” Arif says. “The true impact of this business won’t be fully felt for at least five years, when you see that ‘silver tsunami’ being created by millions of baby boomers. It’s already a strong industry, but there’s a lot more natural growth that is going to happen in the coming years.”

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