Popular online business publication highlights our president’s empowering vision for the Nurse Next Door home care franchise

Nurse Next Door home care franchise

Cathy Thorpe, president of the Nurse Next Door home care franchise, is devoted to significantly expanding the brand in the United States.

Trust yourself. Really listen to others. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Nurse Next Door President Cathy Thorpe shared those leadership insights with Spark Business IQ when the online business publication asked about the lessons she’s learned during her first year at the helm of the fast-growing home care franchise.

“The biggest advice I give myself is to trust my guts, to really believe in yourself,” she told Spark Business IQ, which is sponsored by Capital One and has the mission of promoting positive changes and entrepreneurial thinking.

Cathy wants everyone to have the confidence to seek what she calls “those ‘aha’ moments. To really believe in yourself and go after those moments.”

Spark Business IQ sought Cathy out to talk with her as she guides Nurse Next Door through a major expansion.

Nurse Next Door is one of North America’s fastest-growing home care franchises, dedicated to delivering flexible, affordable and quality care options to seniors. The company sets itself apart through its commitment to “happier aging,” which comes from helping clients re-engage with interests or activities that may have been abandoned as they age and become isolated. Nurse Next Door helps clients reconnect.

When Cathy joined the Nurse Next Door home care franchise a year ago, the company was the dominant brand in Canada, and it was growing in the U.S. Today it is attracting new franchisees in the United States at a rapid rate. We have the goal of adding 30 franchise locations in the U.S. over the next 12 months, while elevating the company’s profile on a national scale.

Nurse Nest Door home care franchise

Nurse Next Door’s care platform allows franchisees to spend more time doing what they love — caring for seniors.


The opportunity for Nurse Next Door franchisees in the U.S. is huge. The AARP reports that 8,000 Americans turn 65 every day. Many of the nation’s 76 million Baby Boomers are struggling to care for their parents, and as they age they will create the need for additional caregiving services.

Cathy’s own experience with Nurse Next Door began long before she was recruited to become president. She hired the company to care for a relative, so she knows firsthand the importance of the work done by our caregivers. She told Spark Business IQ that one of her first steps was to make sure that franchisees understood how highly they are valued.

“I knew we were listening to them, but were we really hearing them,” she told the interviewer. “People feel re-energized. When people feel heard, it brings an energy to the work every day. You want to give that extra 20 percent because you know you count and your ideas count. It shows in the results.”

Nurse Next Door provides an extremely high level of support to franchisees. That commitment helps to solve the two biggest challenges in the home care industry – caregiver turnover and burnout of the owners of home care agencies.

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