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Proven to help home health care businesses grow

Coaching for your home health care business

At Nurse Next Door, we don’t give out franchises lightly. In fact, only 1 out of every 100 applicants are granted a franchise. Therefore, we make sure all new franchise partners are thoroughly prepared to run a successful home health care business before they launch.

Our training starts with an eight-week Franchise Opener program, which covers everything from insurance to wrapping the signature Nurse Next Door cars to Marketing and Sales to familiarizing yourself with our online systems. From the first day, you will have one-on-one support from a business coach to assist you throughout the process. There’s a lot of information but you’ll utilize all of this knowledge during Training Week which consists of presentations, discussions and brainstorming sessions with members of the HeartQuarters team.

Training Week in Vancouver

Worried that you don’t have a medical or sales background? Our goal during Training Week is not to turn our new franchise partners into nurses nor do we expect you to know all the in’s and out’s of running a home health care business ahead of time. By the end of Training Week, you’ll be given the tools to become successful. Our new partners absorb tons of information, and it all helps them hit the ground running.

Training Week is a five day event that takes place in our HeartQuarters office located in Vancouver, British Columbia. During this week, you’ll get to meet Care Services Specialists, the Leadership Team and the HeartQuarters Team. Training Week consists of informative sessions to show you how to be leaders, effective executors, great communicators, skilled mangers of people and excellent operators. You’ll learn topics such as:

Culture – Co-founder John DeHart will speak about the importance of developing a positive work environment for employees so clients will receive the care they deserve. You’ll also learn about Happier Aging® – a truly unique experience Nurse Next Door provides to getting clients back to doing what they love.

Care – You’ll be given techniques to master intakes to drive consults and build and maintain key referrals. Care management will be discussed so you will be able to figure out the duties of your Care Designers and caregivers.

Sales – The Nurse Next Door core values and promise will be embedded into your brain so you will be able to talk about Nurse Next Door comfortably to doctors, hospitals or simply people on the street. You’ll develop a system for securing professional referrals and learn more about how you can leverage marketing to attract clients.

People – This session will include everything from how to collect resumes to managing top performers. Retention of “Super People” will be a focus and how you can hire reliable staff that will provide the quality of care that is promised.

Care Services Center – You will learn the Care Services Center eco-system and functions of Procura, the scheduling tool used amongst all franchise partners and Care Services Specialists. While you attend Training Week, take advantage of observing the daily functions and the different processes of the Center.

Strategic Planning – One Page Planning will be presented in depth so you can implement it in your home health care business to set goals and metrics for the upcoming year. Budgeting and money management will also be discussed so you can leave prepared with tools and resources to keep you on track.

16 Week Plan

After Training Week, you can rest assured that you are not in it by yourself. You will be assigned a coach who will be available to you whenever you have a question and guide you through the inevitable obstacles. You won’t be alone in this process as our coaches are part counselor, part cheerleader, part business consultant – and the entire home office team is available for as long or often as you need us.

The initial few weeks may be the most difficult and that’s why Nurse Next Door has developed a 16 week plan designed to guide you once you have become operational.

This 16 week growth plan is designed to help you elevate your business to the next level. It is an intense, week-by-week, prescriptive plan that requires commitment, accountability and dedication. Along with the prestigious opportunity of owning a Nurse Next Door franchise, the reward of a robust and growing business awaits those who are willing to put in the effort.

This plan is based on the strategies that have brought success to countless other businesses within the Nurse Next Door system and is a comprehensive strategy. It is meant to be followed closely and exhaustively rather than as a selection of ideas from which to choose. After Training Week, this framework will ensure you are setting your home health care business up for success.

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