A great caregiver can be worth their weight in gold. And now, during a pandemic that is forcing millions of Americans into their homes indefinitely, access to the right resources is more important than ever before.

For those with aspirations of success in owning and operating a home care business, one major question can have a big impact on whether or not to move forward: how do you hire and keep caregivers? A solid staff of caregivers is important for bringing in revenue, but it’s also a key part of achieving your mission as a home care company: making a difference in the lives of others. As a field often high in turnover due to the potential for burnout, retaining talent and providing excellent resources to patients is a top priority – and for those new to the business, this can seem like a steep hill to climb.

However, hiring and retaining quality caregivers doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. This is what you need to know about hiring – and keeping! – caregivers for your home care business. Here is what you can do (Click to Scroll):

  1. Build a Rapport
  2. Prevent Burnout
  3. Create a Beneficial Environment
  4. Be a Brand Clients and Employees Will Love

Why the Right Caregivers Count

When owning and operating a home care business, your caregivers are your single greatest asset. They are the ones who will be doing the heavy lifting for you, going into the homes of people in need and providing service with compassion and care. Whether you know it or not, a staff made up of the right professionals can be the difference between success and failure. Enthusiastic and passionate caregivers will give their all to you and your mission, while miserable ones will leave you without the results your business deserves.

If you want to succeed in your endeavors, you need to make caregivers the center of your operations. Happy caregivers means happy clients which means more revenue in your pockets, and that’s a cycle you should want to encourage. When your branding is strong and your corporate culture is as dedicated and driven as your caregivers’ performance with clients, it’s possible to create a company that excels.

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Happy Caregivers in Nurse Next Door.

Hiring and Retaining Strong Caregivers

So, you know that the right staff of caregivers is key to success in operating a home care franchise, but how can you be sure your hires are going to fulfill your expectations? The first step is to hire trained and vetted professionals with a track record of success, but the rest of it is up to you. These tips can help you make sure the caregivers you hire will care just as much about you and your business as they do about your clients.

Build a Rapport

The caregivers who work with you are members of your team, not your personal hired help. This means that you need to treat them as such, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that fosters positive relationships with both you and your clients.

When you build the right rapport with your caregivers, you are effectively building an environment in which your caregivers feel respected and important. These kinds of bonds can be critical in developing a positive and goal-oriented community, resulting in a positive workplace in which caregivers can have pride.

The right rapport also creates open channels of communication that can ensure you have the ability to do right by both your team and your clients. When your caregivers have concerns about a work environment, client needs, potential abuse, or any other challenges, they shouldn’t be afraid to come to you – and you should always be willing to respond. Trust goes both ways, and when your employees feel as if they can’t trust you, they’re not going to be willing to stand by your side.

A strong rapport with your employees is a big part of fostering loyalty. The more loyalty your team has to you, the less likely you are to see a revolving door of caretakers.

Prevent Burnout

Caregiving plays a vital role in society, but it’s not an easy career. Dealing with the constant needs of others can be very draining, both emotionally and physically.

Caregivers are human, just like you are, and eventually, they will start to feel tired or worn out from the burden of providing care. Caregiver burnout is a main contributing factor to the high turnover rates seen in senior living caregivers, and if you’re not careful, it will affect your team and, as such, your retention rates.

Luckily, burnout doesn’t have to be the death knell for caregiver retention. These strategies can help you ensure your clients are in good hands – and your caregivers are, too.

  • Build a large team. The more caregivers you have working with you, the more resources you have to provide coverage for employees in need of a break.
  • Respond to complaints and feedback. If a situation is becoming untenable, you need to react accordingly to protect your caregivers and their abilities. Don’t ignore complaints or sweep them under the rug; all this does is show your caregivers that their safety and well-being doesn’t matter.
  • Offer flexible schedules. Not all caregivers can work full time. By offering flexible schedules, you can keep your caregivers happy and healthy with hours that work best for them.
  • Give generous vacation time. Providing care to others is an important job, but this can’t come at the cost of self-care. Be sure your caregivers have plenty of time to relax and unwind from the pressures of a vital but demanding role.

Create a Beneficial Environment

No one likes their job all of the time, but when the pros far outweigh the potential cons, you’re less likely to see your employees leaving you in the cold. In order to ensure your caregivers recognize value in your work and their role in it, you need to show them how important they are.

Some home care businesses do not offer high wages, benefits, or growth opportunities. While this can save money in operating expenses, it’s not good for retaining talent. Instead, to operate a competitive business that will attract great caregivers and keep them by your side, you need to guarantee the benefits they deserve. This can mean paying more than the average in your area, providing paid vacation, or creating a management structure that allows strong performers to move up and take on new challenges. How you choose to structure this is up to you, but without proper rewards, even your best employees will eventually walk away.

Operating a premium brand, one with an excellent reputation worthy of a higher price point, can contribute to the revenue you need to create a beneficial environment for your caregivers. From online reviews to client testimonials, you need to be the best at what you do and make sure the attention you give both your caregivers and your clients lines up with the persona you want to show the world.

Foster an environment where Caregivers not only love what they do, but are also fully recognized for all of the hard work that they put in – day in, day out. . Nurse Next Door’s People Promise is ‘You love coming to work.’. Our Caregivers are treated with kindness, and find a true sense of belonging at Nurse Next Door. We’re committed to developing our Caregivers and setting them up for ongoing success – it’s that focus on culture and employment practices that attracts the most caring and dedicated Caregivers. 

It’s also important to encourage Caregivers to make a career out of doing what they love, so we launched the Caregiving as a Career initiative to set a new standard for the industry.  Providing competitive wages, guaranteed hours, benefits and upward career progression achieved great success in boosting employee morale, caregiver retention and internal promotions within the organization. We want our Caregivers to feel fulfilled in their jobs and achieve their dreams and goals. We empower our team to feel engaged and make lives better, but most importantly, to have fun along the way. 

Caregiver to Business Owner With Nurse Next Door

Be a Brand Clients and Employees Will Love

When you’re ready to start hiring caregivers and running your own show, how you approach building a brand and positioning yourself in the market can make all the difference. With the creation of a positive environment that focuses on caregiver wellness as well as excellent service, you and your employees are set up to flourish, not fail. From combating burnout to creating an atmosphere of respect and rewards, it’s possible to find the right talent – and keep it. 

If you are considering starting a home health care business and want to align yourself with the best, we’re happy to show you the way. Visit our franchising website and see how starting your own franchise of Nurse Next Door – a leading name on GlassDoor for our approach to branding and culture – can be the right choice for you. Nurse Next Door also offers a caregiver to business owner program to help caregivers become entrepreneurs.

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  • Discovery Video – 15 min overview of this opportunity
  • Franchisee Testimonials
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