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Proven in-home care franchise marketing program

Our Marketing Team will work collaboratively with you to increase exposure of your business in your community. The 16 week plan will provide you with a comprehensive day by day marketing strategy to implement into your business to drive sales. Situated in HeartQuarters, the Marketing team is readily available by phone or email for any questions or requests.

Your home healthcare business needs exposure from the get-go

Public Relations – In order to get the Nurse Next Door brand recognized in your community, you’ll work with our Media Relations Specialist even before you launch. We’ll conduct research and work collectively with you to create a detailed list of media outlets and contacts to be targeted in the area. You’ll also receive one-on-one coaching in various aspects of media relations such as handling interviews and pitches.

Social Media – Creating an online presence will help increase brand recognition and is a chance for you to position yourselves as thought leaders. We’ll help you set-up your social media accounts and share best practices for optimal engagement such as content curation, frequency of posts, insight analytics and paid advertising. Interaction with your clients or potential clients is key so we’ll teach you how to create a blog and post it on your social media channels to position you as a key resource in the community.

Design – If you have any collateral requests such as magazine advertisements, posters, information sheets or brochures, there is no need to hire an external company to do that as our Graphic Designer is able to accommodate requests with a quick turn-around time. All finished products will be consistent with the brand and every detail will be completed to the highest quality.

Online/Digital – Once you’ve launched, we’ll work with you to create a business page on the main website to generate traffic based on content and search engine optimization. You’ll be taught the functions of Google Adwords and other digital marketing channels, and have a chance to invest in these to drive sales and attract those looking for home care.

Our Painted Picture

As disruptors in the home care space, our leadership team has planned company goals for the next 12 to 18 months in order to ensure Nurse Next Door continues to provide exceptional services to clients and families. Learn more about our objectives and what we will look like in September 2017.

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