With a buzz in the air, we are wrapping up 2022 and transitioning toward the new year with excitement. 

Before we get there, let’s take a moment to reflect on 2022 and share how far Franchise Development at Nurse Next Door has come in the last 12 months. 

2022 has been a year of transition as we move into a post-pandemic world. Many are excited about what is to come, but that also brings a new host of uncertainties, including rising inflation rates, increased stress on the healthcare industry, and a realization for many that they are not feeling fulfilled in their careers. 

Older man meeting his Nurse Next Door Care Designer.

Fortunately, with challenges also comes new opportunities, which is precisely what’s driving innovation and growth at Nurse Next Door.

Our franchise development team at Nurse Next Door is hard at work, continually innovating top-tier initiatives to help our franchise partners grow their businesses so they can find stability for years to come. As more and more people realize that franchising in the healthcare industry is a trend that is here to stay— we at Nurse Next Door can attest to that. 

With several franchise owners in 2022, reaching double digital growth, and even more new Franchise Partners joining Nurse Next Door than ever before, we look forward to welcoming even more Franchise Partners to our community.

With no further ado, let’s get into our 2022 year in review and share our biggest year to date! 

Franchise Development 2022: Growing Our Brand

#HappierAging™ Has Come to More Communities Than Ever

As 10,000 baby boomers reach 65 each year, the demand for home care services is also drastically rising, paving the way for new Franchise Partners eager to take the bold step of starting a home care business with heart, purpose, and growth opportunities.

Nurse Next Door Franchise Development Map.

In 2022, Nurse Next Door saw over 140+ franchise transactions, including: 

North America

  • 40 new Franchise Partners collectively acquired nearly 80 territories across various states and provinces. 
  • 43 existing franchise owners expanded their business into new territories; some even expanded across international borders. 


  • 20 new franchise locations across various states. 

nurse next door franchise growth

We are seeing the excitement and quick success of some of our newest franchise partners. That has been gratifying to witness, to say the least. 

“I could not be more proud to be a part of an organization that will disrupt home care as we know it and provides it the way it should have always been!” – Tonya Raymond

This is a true testament to the belief in Nurse Next Door’s well-established systems, processes, and operations, which have been refined over many years. Ultimately, with the sole purpose of creating success across the franchise system. 

This exponential growth is also the cause of a dedicated group of franchise partners here at Nurse Next Door. They have made considerable efforts to establish the brand as a leading disruptor in the healthcare industry. 

Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner with wrapped car.

Innovation Through Top-tier Programs

Frontline to Franchisee Program

Our Frontline to Franchise Program continues to spark inspiration amongst frontline workers to become thriving Franchise Partners through the help of additional support such as reduced franchise fees and specialized training. 

“Frontline workers understand this business better than almost anyone. They have the passion, the work ethic, first-hand experience, and the value alignment to take care of seniors.”

Initially, caregivers and other frontline workers reached out to Nurse Next Door as they wanted to make the leap to becoming home care franchise owners. 

From there, we realized this would likely continue to be a trend which is why we developed this program to better support caregivers, nurses, and other frontline workers to become successful franchise partners at Nurse Next Door. 

“We launched this ‘front line to franchisee’ program because we know how effective and how strong front-line health care workers can be if they have business support,”  – Arif Abdulla, VP of Global Franchise Development

We continue to support our frontline workers wanting to leap franchise owner by offering a lower initial franchise fee and providing extra support and training from the get-go. 

Franchise Partner Referrals Program

Another tremendously successful initiative to grow into new territories and expand others is through existing Franchise Partner Referrals. 

As existing Franchise Partners began to see quick success in their business through their efforts, they would refer their friends and family to our franchise development team to open businesses in their own communities. 

From there, we have expanded this initiative by spreading the word throughout our existing Franchise Partner community, with many more beginning to invite their friends and family to join Nurse Next Door. 

#MakingLivesBetter into 2023 through Franchise Development

Transitioning towards 2023 comes with a surge of aging baby boomers and some economic uncertainties, yet also many opportunities to excel through intentional investments.

Our bold goal for 2023 is to continue fostering the trend of those looking to transition into a new career in a recession-resilient industry. 

To make that transition as seamless as possible for people making the career change, we are opening our doors to 100 New Franchise Partners in North America—and Beyond in 2023!

Already, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in franchise transactions year over year. We are confident that we will be able to bring on even more Franchise Partners who, with grit, tenacity, and passion, can also build a business with double-digital revenue success. 

While our Franchise Partners continue to work hard, we at Nurse Next Door will also continue to do what we do best: 

  • Help support our Franchise Partners to excel in their business, 
  • Find purpose in their work, 
  • And facilitate the ability to meet the growing demand for care services across North America and globally.

Now let’s end 2022 with a bang and start 2023 with that same impact by taking strides towards #MakingLiveBetter in communities both near and far!