Firstly, congratulations on reading this blog. 

You might have found out about Nurse Next Door through online search, heard about us on the radio or even seen one of our bold, pink cars driving past in your city. 

The thought of becoming your own boss and investing a business that will make a positive impact in your community exhilarates you. 

Now, you’re doing your due diligence and researching what a franchise opportunity with Nurse Next Door might look like!

When you’re in your first step of exploring different franchise brands, it’s important to know if what the company has got to offer aligns with your personal values.

So, welcome to Nurse Next Door! Feel free to read about how some of Nurse Next Door’s Franchise Partners entrepreneurial stories.

In this article, we will breakdown Nurse Next Door’s Discovery Process step-by-step. Read on!

Step 1: Free Franchise Report

The very first step is finding out about Nurse Next Door. Whether it’s from radio, word-of-mouth or Google search, you are here to learn more about a franchise with Nurse Next Door. 

You can learn more about us as a brand and get a feel about the experience of being a Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner on our franchise website and blog. If it piques your interest, you can download a free copy of our franchise report (which you can download at the end of this article). It is an in-depth look and breakdown of our Franchise Opportunity. You can read through it and even share it with your partner/spouse and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

You will then be invited to join us in one of our weekly Discovery Calls!  


Step 2: Join a Discovery Call 

The Discovery Call is the second step in our process. This is a 45-minute conference call that will give you an introduction to Nurse Next Door’s brand

Home care is a booming business and people across North America from different walks of life are exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, so we host our franchise Discovery Calls twice a week to accommodate the demand!

Our team hosts the call to:

  •  Explain the Nurse Next Door Franchise Opportunity  
  •  Why Nurse Next Door? What sets us apart from the crowd  
  •  How we support Franchise Partners 24/7 to allow them to grow their business  
  •  Outline what we look for in an ideal Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner

The call is a high-level overview of our business model and key differentiators so you can see if what we are doing here aligns with what you want to be doing with your future. If you match the criteria that we are looking for in an ideal Franchise Partner, then you will qualify for a First Interview.

Step 3: First Interview

The First Interview will be in a one-on-one setting with one of our Franchise Development Managers. Now that you’ve listened to our Discovery Call and learned a little bit about Nurse Next Door, we want to get to know you! So we will have some questions for you in regards to your background and experiences and what has you interested in our franchising opportunity. 

After that, we will turn it over to you so you can ask us whatever is on your mind. The goal of this call is for both of us to figure out if we can see a potential fit here. If we do, then we will start spending a few hours each week doing some research together as we move to the next step in the Discovery Process!


Step 4: Systems & Support

Now that you’ve completed the First Interview it’s time to do the research. The Systems and Support stage of the process is where will give you a peek behind the curtain at Nurse Next Door and start ramping up your knowledge. We will run through what we bring to the table in terms of setting you up for success and helping you grow your business. (One of the highlights would be our 24/7 call center, called “Care Services Center” that will manage your scheduling so you can work on building your business!)

We will take you through the life cycle of a new Franchise Partner and painting a picture for you of what you’ll experience at each stage. We will also discuss the resources, tools and support you will be receiving if you do become a Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner.

These are some of the topics we will discuss: 

  • Final Interview Day
  • Signing agreements
  • Licensing
  • 1 week of Training at HeartQuarters (Vancouver, BC)
  • Pre-launch marketing
  • Pre-launch hiring
  • Opening day
  • Business coaches
  • 16 week plan
  • Marketing collateral

If you’re on board with everything you’re learning about our franchise system and support, welcome to Step 5!

Step 5: Finance & Validation

Time to crunch the numbers! 

Now that you have a thorough understanding of Nurse Next Door and our business model, it’s time to look at the financial landscape. Together, we will work on a Financial Plan and set you up so that you can build out a three-year performance landscape of the business. To help you out, we will start to introduce you to some of our existing Franchise Partners so you can hear all about their experiences in the business. 

Here are the top 5 questions to ask during a validation call.

We’ve got some questions you can ask at this stage, you should have ticked off the boxes; equal parts profit and purpose!

Step 6: Final Interview Day

Final Interview Day is the culmination of all of our work. If you tick all the boxes and everything is completed, then we will formally invite you out to Vancouver, BC to come and spend a day with us at HeartQuarters, our head office!

This is a chance for you to walk inside our four walls, soak up the culture, meet the team and see if you can see a partnership here. We will be doing the same – the day will give our Leadership Team the chance to ensure you’re the right fit for us as well. 

Step 7: Franchise Agreement + Congratulations, You’re a Franchise Partner!

Tina & Dakota Hodgson, awarded with their franchise location, Chatham, ON

There are no decisions to be made on Final Interview Day, both parties will go away for a few days and reconnect with a decision on the following Monday. If both parties are a “Yes” then we will start to work on agreements. 

First up is a deposit agreement, which is a $5,000 down payment towards your protected territory. This will give us a chance to start working on the Franchise Agreements. Once you receive the Franchise agreement you will need to sit on them for 7 days before you can sign. We will then countersign and…drum roll please…congratulations – welcome to the team!

TL;DR: Check out our Franchise Development Team introducing Nurse Next Door’s Franchise Discovery Process!

Access Your Welcome Package which includes

  • Discovery Video – 15 min overview of this opportunity
  • Franchisee Testimonials
  • The Nurse Next Door opportunity
  • Access to our calendar to book a 1×1 call.
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