The Care Services Call Center is open 24/7 to clients, caregivers and family

Whether at 5:00pm or 5:00am when you need help, you just need help. The health and safety of our loved ones is in our minds 24/7 and needing help isn’t just reserved for regular business hours.

This video is a little peek behind the scenes at how the Care Services Center works and how your caregivers will interact with this key piece of our business. It will also SHOW you how the Care Services Center is an extension of a franchise partners’ business.

John DeHart and Ken Sim have lived through the 24/7 on call life. Over 12 years ago, when they started the Nurse Next Door business, it was a two man operation, offering service, anytime of day or night and taking turns, on who would keep their phone ringers on at night.

The burn out was inevitable at the rate they were going. Within the early stages of their business, they were even approached by a competitor who wanted to hand over their home care business because just hearing her ringtone, made her blood pressure sky rocket.

The opportunity was clear and John and Ken immediately jumped on it, to develop a system that would eventually benefit all future franchise partners.

The Care Services Center is a centralized call center that receives and makes over 1800 calls a day and over 1000 emails a day. They handle everything from client inquiries and client intakes all the way to client and caregiver scheduling and assistance. The call center has the ability to see if employees are at their shift on time, and have the infrastructure available to them to fill and replace caregivers quickly and efficiently in order to keep clients happy and give families peace of mind. It houses all client and caregiver information in order to ensure accurate personality matches as well as keep notes on file of all the clients’ wants and needs to deliver WOW customer experience (one of Nurse Next Door’s core values).

At Nurse Next Door, our employees are guided by the culture and core values of:

  • Admire People
  • WOW Customer Experience
  • Find a Better Way
  • Passionate About Making a Difference.

With the belief that clients can only receive the care they deserve when employees are truly dedicated to their work, Nurse Next Door’s team is passionate about making a difference. Our Care Services Center call center agents are called Care Service Specialists. They are Nurse Next Door’s brand ambassador’s and are the friendly voice on the other side of the phone. They work hard to provide caregivers, clients and our Franchise Partners peace of mind. Take a look at a few of our Care Service Specialists talk about their role in contributing to making lives better!

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