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Standard costs, and international trends in the senior population.

4 Ways Franchisors Can Prepare for Millennial Franchisees

President & CEO, Cathy Thorpe, discusses how Nurse Next Door has prepared for millennial franchisees. Millennials in franchising — some welcome it, some are hesitant about it and some are trying to make sense of it. I am not overly surprised though that millennials want to buy franchises. In Dr. John P. Hayes’ article, he highlights [...]

2019-02-22T16:02:12-07:00March 22nd, 2017|Entrepreneurship, FAQs, Home Care Industry|

Why This Lawyer Quit Her Job to Start a Home Care Business

From Suits to Scrubs Kathleen Ogilvy, a 33 year old lawyer, quit her job to start a home care business. Why? Because she wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her career working in lemon law and consumer products liability. Like many millennials, she sought the autonomy that comes with running a business. “I wanted to do something [...]

2019-02-22T16:04:15-07:00February 21st, 2017|Entrepreneurship, Happier Aging, Home Care Industry|