We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest Nurse Next Door location: Scottsdale, Arizona! Franchisees Suzy and Ben Pederson have worked together professionally for 21 years, and have been married for almost 25! They have owned and sold multiple businesses, as well as provided coaching services to a variety of businesses across a range of different industries. Now, they are bringing their passion for people to Nurse Next Door as they start on their journey to make lives better in the Scottsdale community. Let’s get to know our newest Franchisees!

Tell us a little bit about your background:

We’re going on 25 years of marriage in 2021, we have four boys, and we’re high school sweethearts that have worked as a team for 21 years. Since we were young, we have always had a “how can we” mindset – we share a passion for people and business strategy. We owned a marketing and advertising business where we consulted several different types of businesses in growth and development. This opened our eyes to how a variety of businesses operate, and broadened our vision on what industry we could move into that fits our passion for people and business development.

What made you want to get into the home care business?

Suzy: I love people and I believe very strongly that as our elderly age, it is our responsibility to take care of them, to honor them, and to appreciate them. Taking care of their needs does not just lie in their physical needs, but their mental health as that affects their overall health. Therefore, I wanted to start my own In-Home Care Agency. There are two key factors that prompted me to make the move into caring for the elderly and those with needs for care: one, is human connection. As the years have progressed and technology has increased so dramatically, I see the older generations are being left behind as we move to digital forms of communication – particularly during COVID. Feeling lonely is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors, and home care provides companionship that reverses the effects of isolation. 

The second reason is close to my heart, I had two grandmothers that had severe Alzheimer’s disease. I saw the fear of not knowing where they were, who was around them, and what was going on. In fact, one of my grandmothers became so advanced in her Alzheimer’s that she thought she still had babies and was frantic not knowing where they were. She thought the nurses at the memory care facility were keeping them from her. She remained in a state of constant fear and panic until they started using medication to keep her calm. This broke my heart. I often wondered how her aging process would go if she were able to stay home in a familiar environment and around familiar faces she knew and saw every day, living a daily routine. Especially if she was able to do something she has always enjoyed, like playing cards. Would she have found moments of peace and joy?


What need is there for home care in your community?

Scottsdale is one of the most sought after places to retire. Scottsdale is growing in retired aging individuals that just want to stay home and love living their life. The people of Scottsdale are ambitious, vibrant, and full of life. So if they are unable to keep up their livelihood, that’s where we at Nurse Next Door of Scottsdale can help!

Why did you choose to start a Nurse Next Door franchise?

After some family changes took place, we sold our businesses and relocated. We then sat down and did some self examining on what we wanted our goals to be, and what we were looking for in our lives. We knew that we wanted to do something that brought out the best versions of ourselves, and we wanted to do something that made a difference in our world; something we had a passion for, and something that could change lives. We came across Nurse Next Door and started to do our research. We became excited about the Happier Aging concept and Nurse Next Door’s passion for people. We also found there was a great need for in-home care, especially after Covid hit. Suzy: I want to do my part and make a difference in lives the best I can. So I give my heart, my love, and share my passion, to those that are willing to receive it. If I can heal a wound with compassion, light a flame of hope in the eye of someone that felt there was nothing left for them, or just bring a smile to someone that has forgotten what joy felt like; then I have met my goal.” 

What makes Nurse Next Door stand out in your community?

Nurse Next Door takes “care” to a new level. We design our care plan around the person – basing it on their individual needs, personality, and desires. We believe in Happier Aging. We want our clients to be able to stay home and thrive, enjoying their life with the freedom of choice, belonging, purpose, respect, and autonomy.  It starts with ourselves: identifying the areas that bring the most happiness to our lives. We care for our team and clients, helping them discover the things that make their lives worthwhile. From there, we find ways of helping our communities live Happier Aging, and ultimately expand our efforts to discovering ways we can boldly and positively impact the world. What really sets us apart? Our philosophy of care: Happier Aging. Through Happier Aging, we identify and fulfill activities that make lives better. In other words, we go beyond basic home care: our purpose is to keep people safe and happy in their homes, to help them maintain their level of independence, and to give people choices in what they do, ensuring we are helping them live their best life.

Last but not least, what does Happier Aging mean to you?

Suzy: Happier Aging, for me, is appreciating and savoring the beauty of the outdoors through hiking, swimming, skiing, and lounging outside soaking up the sun. I love to embrace all my senses with smell, tastes, sounds and the sights of nature. I also love to be around people learning about their story and why they think the way they do – I’m definitely a curious soul. 

Ben: I enjoy music, comedy, going to concerts and shows, going to places I’ve never been, and meeting new people. Laughing and having a good time is definitely my forte. We both absolutely love exploring new restaurants and cafes, trying new foods, and experiencing different cultures. So you can imagine the good times we can have together! We both hope we will always be able to love life the way we do.

If you also have a desire to make lives better in your community, we want to hear from you! Visit www.nursenextdoorfranchise.com to learn more.