After long careers in Engineering and combined skills of Project Management and Marketing of successful construction and real estate development companies, Daniel and Johnny have honed their skills in relation to team management, customer service, and marketing, and are now excited to start Making Lives Better in their community. 

Let’s get to know our newest Franchisees!

NND: Tell us a bit about your background

DO: John and I were both Caregivers for our parents which is where our passion for home care came from. We created a Foundation that’s all about giving seniors makeovers, tours, companionship, and events that leave a long-lasting smiles on their faces. Having the opportunity to bring Happier Aging on a greater scale is something we’re looking forward to. 

NND: Why did you choose to start a Nurse Next Door franchise?

DO: We strive to be the best, so partnering with the best was the first step. Nurse Next Door is undoubtedly a disruptor and leader in the home care industry. From their philosophy to the care they put in their business practices is second to none. 

The robust processes and systems they have in place are winning strategies and having the opportunity to partner with them is very exciting. We can’t wait to jointly disrupt the home care space in Richmond Hill South!  

Ultimately our goal is to serve seniors in our community the way it has never been done before. Our bold goal? To become one of Nurse Next Door’s top Franchisees. 

JO: I’ll second what Daniel has said, and I’m excited to positively impact my community by being there for seniors in all the ways they require care and companionship.

NND: What need is there for home care in your community?

DO: The aging population in North York is growing substantially. Our community currently has over 50,000 seniors — and growing! 

JO: We want the loved ones of our neighbours and community to be cared for. As Daniel mentioned, the population of seniors is increasing and we want to provide WOW customer experience to all of them.

NND: What does Happier Aging mean to you?

DO: Happier Aging is something we don’t see in our community. Many seniors feel lonely as they age but Happier Aging is about reversing that and helping seniors get back to doing what brings them joy. 

JO: It means reconnecting seniors with their interests, hobbies, and passions that might have gotten lost amid busy schedules, health concerns, or other distractions.

We’re excited to watch Daniel and Johnny Make Lives Better in Richmond Hill South. If you too want to make a difference and are interested in owning your own Nurse Next Door franchise, Access Your Welcome Package to get started.