2021 has been a big year for Nurse Next Door so far, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest location in Lincoln, Nebraska and introduce the team running the show – Amber McMillan and Angie Diaz. In the lead up to their launch, Amber and Angie took a moment to share their story with us. Read on to get to know our newest Franchisees!

Tell us a little about your background, and what made you want to get into home care?

Angie has an Associates Degree in Business Management, and Amber has a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science in Accounting. Together, we have many years of experience in business management, accounting and customer service. After some personal experience in caring for loved ones, we decided to bring our professional skills and attributes of vision, courage, integrity, strategic planning, focus and cooperation to start an exciting new chapter in home care.

Why did you choose to start a Nurse Next Door franchise?

We love helping people. Home care is a huge industry with high demand, and it is very much needed in our community! We want to find purpose, be challenged, and have fun. We want to make a difference doing something we love, as if we do something we love then it does not feel like work! From a business perspective, we chose Nurse Next Door because of the brand promise and the brand differentiators. The brand promise includes ‘perfect match, fast and easy access and 24/7 service.’ The look, feel and approach of Nurse Next Door is BOLD and that really resonated with us, and of course, there is the Happier Aging philosophy which goes so far beyond basic home care. We want to keep people safe and happy in their homes, maintain their level of independence and give people choice in what they do – ensuring we help them live their best lives!

What need is there for Home Care in your community?

Not only is the demand for home health care and senior care presently growing at an unprecedented rate, the steep upward trend is also projected to continue well into the future. Today, there are more retirement-age Americans than ever before – but it’s just the beginning. By 2030, seniors will outnumber the younger population for the first time in US history, marking an important demographic turning point in our society. Even amidst climbing rates of chronic disease, people are also living longer than ever before – all adding to the growth and universal need for senior care and home health care.

Last but not least, what does Happier Aging mean to you?

Happier Aging means a lot to us. It helps us stand out from our competitors, and it’s important because we are offering a premium service. It encourages retention of Caregivers who are passionate about making a difference in their client’s lives. It is also important to us because it offers families of clients peace of mind; they know our Caregivers are doing everything they can to improve safety and overall well-being. But, most importantly, it gives us the satisfaction that comes with knowing our clients are living their best lives!


We’re excited to see Amber and Angie make waves in their community and bring smiles to the faces of seniors and their families, every day. If you’re also passionate about making a difference and would like to know more about owning your own Nurse Next Door franchise, we’d love to hear from you.

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