When you have a life-changing care concept to share with the world, it wouldn’t be fair to keep it all to yourself.

At Nurse Next Door, we believe seniors should have a choice when it comes to where and how they age. Our philosophy of Happier Aging — which involves helping people rediscover hobbies, passions, and activities they used to love doing, but don’t do anymore — is one of many things that set us apart from other home care companies in North America. With over 190 franchises already in Canada and the United States, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing Happier Aging to the land Down Under!

Our first Australian Franchise Partners, Matt Fitton and Amber Biesse have opened the doors of their master franchise in December 2018 in Melbourne.

Why did we choose Australia? Firstly, the timing was right. We’d already been looking into bringing Nurse Next Door outside of North America, but we knew we needed to find the right people. Matt and Amber noticed one of our pink cars in Vancouver in late 2017 and wanted to know more. We’d considered expanding to Australia, and as luck would have it, the perfect pair to launch our first overseas operations happened to be from Melbourne!

When we visited Australia to see if our brand of senior home care would translate across the pond, we noticed a few differences. The level of health care in Australia is world class. While the idea of aging at home isn’t uncommon, the senior care experience was generally clinical and task-based, and nurses and caregivers weren’t often encouraged to go above and beyond to help clients thrive at home. We didn’t see anyone practicing our Happier Aging concept of encouraging seniors to pursue long-forgotten passions.

It was clear that there would be room in the market for a service like ours. Our philosophy of care flips the clinical, sterile expectations traditionally held in the senior care industry and colours it pink. Australia’s home care industry is still in its early stages and has space to grow. We’ve already proven–in two countries–that Nurse Next Door can flourish locally as a single unit, and regionally as a multi-unit operation. By partnering with over 40 St. Joseph Health locations in California, we’ve shown that Nurse Next Door can function seamlessly as a health system that can serve over 1.2 million people–roughly 30% of Australia’s senior population.

Australian seniors deserve more choice when it comes to where and how they experience aging. We want to challenge and redefine home health care. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and more, peppered with pink cars? We want to bring smiles to millions of more faces. Nurse Next Door will create jobs for Australian nurses and caregivers and give them more reasons to love to do what they do best, which is caring.

Just like how we trained the team at St. Joseph Health, we’ve focused on helping Matt and Amber with learning and development as they immerse themselves in our company culture and plan their launch in Melbourne.

Seniors deserve to age happily and with choice. We’re ready to disrupt home care and make lives better in Australia.

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