Did you know that almost 50% of the population in the province of Nova Scotia is over the age of 65? As baby boomers are aging, their need for health care increases, which results in longer waiting lists to receive public care. This results in the healthcare system being overwhelmed with the high demand of seniors seeking care, which leads to many residents not receiving the care that they need. 

Hendrik Botha identified this trend in his community and saw huge potential, “the majority of people want to age at home, especially here in Atlantic Canada where there is a great sense of community”.

Maritimers want to grow old amongst the people that they shared their lives with, the neighbourhood that they were raised in and where they raised their own kids in.” Hendrik says, “These neighbours are like their families and they want to live in their own homes safely, independently and comfortably regardless of their age or ability.

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Two years ago, Hendrik was the manager of a dental laboratory. Working with clients, managing staff and keeping them happy was second nature to him. He knew that sometime in his career he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship and become his own boss: “I wanted a business where I have the platform to put smiles on peoples’ faces and I feel good about what I do every day.

When Hendrik discovered Nurse Next Door, the answer couldn’t be any clearer.

Becoming the franchise owner of Nurse Next Door Nova Scotia meant Hendrik could support the public care system in the Maritimes community. He saw it as an absolute win-win situation as he gets to help people in need and also relieving pressure on the public system.

This means that Nurse Next Door plays a crucial part in supporting the public care system in Nova Scotia. Hendrik says, “If you don’t have the luxury of waiting in the ever-growing lineup, you can call us for instant health care done right and customized just for you or your loved one.

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What makes Nurse Next Door special compared to the competition in Atlantic Canada?

Hendrik makes sure his Care Team and himself embodies Nurse Next Door’s core purpose of “Making Lives Better”. When it comes to caregivers and clients, Nurse Next Door believes in “Finding the Perfect Match”. That means during the Caring Consult (free initial assessment), Nurse Next Door tries to find a caregiver that best matches the senior clients’ needs and interests. If they speak German, they’ll try to find a German-speaking caregiver. If the client enjoys cooking, they’ll find a caregiver who is also a good cook!

Hendrik credits Care Services Center—Nurse Next Door’s 24/7 call center for contributing to his work-life balance. He gets to focus his time and energy on connecting with his community while the Care Services Center takes care of his caregiver scheduling, which gives both him as a business owner and all the clients’ and their families peace of mind as well.

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Building a brand in a smaller community is easier when compared to a big city. You don’t have to spend as much money on ads because you focus on building relationships—people know who you are. Becoming part of the community is what makes it easier to be recognized and known! Check out Canadian Business’s feature on Nurse Next Door or another example of success in a smaller market in Sunshine Coast or Comox, BC!

Nurse Next Door was founded in Vancouver, BC in 2001 and now has 190+ franchises across Canada, United States and Australia.

According to Statistics Canada, Atlantic Canada has the highest population of seniors in the country. The percentage of people over the age of 65 broken down are:

  • Prince Edward Island — 15%
  • New Brunswick — 14.7%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador — 13.9%

Having a higher percentage of seniors in these scenic and harmonious Canadian communities means higher demand and need for home care. With over 15 years of operations and more than 80 franchises in Canada, we are looking to bring our bold brand to the other side of the country to Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland)!

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