Jackie — an RN, BSN, of the last 16 years and her husband Ruben, who has 20 years of management experience, are teaming up to #MakeLivesBetter in La Grange, Illinois! 

Let’s get to know our newest Franchisees. 

Tell us a little about yourself and why you chose homecare?

There were two factors that made us want to shift to Home Health Services. The first is our own personal experiences of seeing our parents, aunts, and uncles trying to come together to help care for our grandparents especially during their end-of-life transition. They took on the role of  the Caregivers while trying to navigate the healthcare system which was overwhelming.  Secondly, was the pandemic. Witnessing the effects that Covid had on our senior population whether it was social distancing at home alone or seeing our seniors succumb to the virus in the nursing homes made us realize how important consistent companionship and healthcare at home is.  With my background in Nursing and Ruben’s extensive background in business operations, management, and customer service we felt that we had a real opportunity to positively impact our community. 

What need is there for home care in your community?

We’ve seen a lot of care being requested for skilled companionship. This includes not only spending time with seniors but assisting with healthcare needs such as daily activities, monitoring vital signs, medication reminders, and helping with ambulation. For nursing care home infusions is a growing industry. Homecare has become a more preferable method of obtaining care.

Why did you choose to start a Nurse Next Door franchise? What are your goals? What are you most excited about? 

We researched competitors but always found our way back to Nurse Next Door. This is because of their Happier Aging philosophy.  Aging should be celebrated and purposeful. It should also be fun. We want to get our Clients doing what they once loved to do. Our goal is not only to provide premium homecare, but we also want our Clients to feel safe, respected, and fulfilled. We want our team to feel like they are in the best environment where they matter just as much as our Clients. We want them to be bold, have fun, and know that they are making a difference in someone’s life. It is exciting to know that we are not your average homecare agency. We are here to disrupt the industry while providing our Clients and their families with peace of mind that their well-being is our priority. 

How does Nurse Next Door compare to the competition in your community?

Nurse Next Door has clarity when it comes to why it exists, and oddly enough, that’s something many businesses don’t have. It’s easy to identify the functional role your business serves, but if you can’t identify the emotional connection your business will have on those they serve, then you’re a commodity. I look forward to not only making a difference in the lives of those we serve, but doing so in a way that distinguishes us in the marketplace. It’s kind of ironic that my career has been spent focused on how to beat the competition, yet now that’s not my goal. My goal is simply to do what I’ve stated above, and I believe that if I’m successful in doing that everything else will take care of itself. In other words, my focus isn’t on “beating the competition,” my focus is on ensuring this business has the very best impact it can in the lives of our Clients and team members.

Last but not least, what does Happier Aging mean to you?

Happier Aging to us means that we have the freedom to make our choices and still feel a sense of belonging. Being able to continue to make contributions to our community is fulfilling.  We cannot forget having fun along the way!


We’re excited to see Reuben and Jackie bring Happier Aging to life in La Grange. If you also want to make a difference and have been thinking about owning your own Nurse Next Door franchise, we want to hear from you!

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