Everything is getting BOLDER in Texas! We’re thrilled to announce that Nurse Next Door’s newest Franchise Owner, Marta Wallace, (along with her adorable pup Nike) are bringing Happier Aging to the city of Katy and the surrounding area. 

Marta has spent her entire career building relationships and active listening — a skill she knows is going to propel her in this business. “It’s crucial in the home care business to really hear what your Clients are saying. It helps determine the activities to build into their Care Plan and also to learn about what truly makes them happy!” 

We sat down with Marta to learn a little more about her journey to Franchising. Read on: 

What made you want to get into this business? 

A good friend recently attempted to find reliable, in-home care for her mom who was struggling with memory loss. Most of all she needed companionship and someone to help with a little cooking. I saw how anxious and vulnerable the process was for my friend who felt she had a tremendous sense of responsibility to do the right things for her beloved mother. Not long after the care started, she received a FaceTime from her mom who was in the process of having her hair styled and makeup done by the Caregiver — and she was having a blast! My friend laughed with her mom and then cried after she hung up with gratitude for the Caregiver who was taking the time to make her mom feel so special. That was it for me. Those are the feelings I want to bring to the members of our community and their families. That’s the impact I want to have.

What is it about Nurse Next Door that made you want to own a Franchise? 

The opportunity to disrupt the industry has me very excited! Nurse Next Door’s culture — from the way we appreciate our Caregivers with our People Promise to celebrating our Clients with Happier Aging — spoke to me immediately. The bright and bold pink color is a symbol of the kind of care we’re delivering to our Clients. I’m so thankful to be in a business that wants to celebrate aging and have fun! 

Lastly, our live 24/7 Care Services Center means you can reach a representative at any time for help with scheduling and our matched Caregivers ensure the best fit for our Clients and often share similar hobbies or interests!

What need is there for home care in your community?

While there are other home care companies in our community, Nurse Next Door goes above and beyond the basics of care to provide a premium service. We don’t simply “package our services” — we design our care plans around the person — basing it on their individual needs, desires and personality. This approach to home care is unrivaled in the industry. Our goal is to provide a WOW Customer Experience which means showing a caring attitude, anticipating future needs and inspiring confidence. 

Lastly, what does Happier Aging mean to you?

This is the icing on the cake! Happier Aging means celebrating aging, learning more about what brings our Clients joy and finding creative ways to do more of those things on our visits. Sounds fun, right!?  


Marta truly embodies Nurse Next Door’s core values and we can’t wait to see the impact she has on seniors in her area! 

If you also have a desire to make lives better in your communities and are wondering if a home care franchise is right for you, we want to hear from you! 

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