Perth, Ontario, is poised to experience home care in a whole new way, thanks to Nurse Next Door’s latest Franchise Partners. Kathy Litalien spearheads the initiative, and her General Manager, Ifeanyi Egbe, enriches the caring venture.

Let’s delve into their inspirations and aspirations for this endeavour.

Perth Ontario Nurse Next Door

Background and Experience:

Ifeanyi boasts a Masters in Business Administration and Health Care Management. “I have over 10 years of experience in a combination of sales, operations, home healthcare, and business development,” she mentions. This wealth of expertise, married with Kathy’s leadership, creates a dynamic duo ready to redefine care standards in Perth.

What Motivated The Move to Home Care?

For Ifeanyi, the impetus is deeply personal and resonates in her words: “I lost my mum to a bad healthcare system/lack of accessible healthcare. I made a commitment to myself to spend the rest of my life impacting lives by providing care to people.”

The Home Care Landscape in Perth:

Perth’s rural communities express a palpable demand for home care. “There is a huge need in our region. While there are many long-term homes and facilities, there’s a vacuum. There’s a need for professionals to enter seniors’ homes, enabling them to stay and receive care,” she elucidates.

Why Nurse Next Door?

Drawn by Nurse Next Door’s structured franchise system, Kathy and Ifeanyi found their calling. “Their one best way of doing things was motivating. We don’t have to reinvent processes, which is fantastic,” Ifeanyi shares. She passionately adds, “I am most excited to see this ‘baby’ grow, blossom, and succeed. I look forward to the day we can look back and say we made the right decision.”

How Do We Stand Out?

While home care is not novel, Nurse Next Door offers a distinct approach. Ifeanyi highlights, “With the Happier Aging philosophy, we aim to help seniors reconnect with activities they’ve missed. Our unique processes, such as free in-home consultations and 24/7 support, differentiate us from others in Perth.”

What is Your Take on Happier Aging?

For Ifeanyi, the concept is poignant: “Happier aging means living my best life and impacting the lives of others positively as I age.”

Welcome to the Nurse Next Door Community

Join us in embracing Kathy Litalien and Ifeanyi Egbe as they embark on this journey to enrich home care in Perth.

Become a Part of Our Growing Community

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