Tucson, Arizona, is about to experience a new level of home care with the entry of Nurse Next Door’s latest Franchise Partners, Traci Raymond and Patricia Williams. Let’s dive into their combined motivations and visions for this venture.

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Background and Experience:

With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and 10 years of experience spanning specialties like orthopedics, neurology, critical care, home hospice, and wound care, Traci brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. This rich background sets the stage for the exceptional care they aim to provide in Tucson.

What Motivated The Move to Home Care?

Observing patients discharged home, often lacking the necessary support to care for themselves, highlighted the pressing need for Home Care Services. It wasn’t just the care services that drew them to Nurse Next Door; it was the brand’s unique Happier Aging philosophy.

The Home Care Landscape in Tucson:

Arizona’s favorable climate is a magnet for seniors planning their retirement. As this demographic grows, so does the demand for quality Senior Care. Our goal is clear: give these seniors the option to enjoy independence in their homes.

Why Nurse Next Door?

The attraction to Nurse Next Door was twofold: the brand’s ethos of allowing seniors to live in their homes and the chance to let them pursue the life they’ve always loved. With the “bold dreams” initiative, we’re eager to help seniors reconnect with passions they might have set aside.

How Do We Stand Out?

While home care isn’t new, Nurse Next Door’s approach is distinct. It’s more than just caregiving; it’s about enriching lives, adding joy, and truly making a difference.

What is Your Take on Happier Aging?

For us, Happier Aging means breaking down barriers that might hinder happiness. It’s about ensuring seniors continue to find joy, irrespective of age, ailments, or other challenges. Genuine joy, as we see it, is independent of circumstances.

Join us in welcoming Traci Raymond and Patricia Williams to our community. Inspired by their journey? Let’s discuss how you can also make a difference.

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