Every year in September, Nurse Next Door hosts an annual conference in beautiful Vancouver, BC for all of our Franchise Partners to gather and connect. The Annual Conference gives our Franchise Partners an opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, attend roundtable discussions led by national subject-matter experts and connect with fellow Franchise Partners across North America. The conference runs for three days and the grand finale is the Awards Gala! The Gala celebrates the achievements of the year and to recognize Franchise Partners who have accomplished contributions to the organization and our elderly population.

One of the highlights of the Gala is celebrating Nurse Next Door’s top-performing Franchise Partners who have met or surpassed revenue targets for their respective franchise territories during that year! The Franchise Partners who have achieved this become a part of an exclusive group called the Bold Pink Club! When you become a member of the Bold Pink Club, you will be recognized and cheered on by your Nurse Next Door family plus a paid trip to Las Vegas!

Sounds good to you? Well, how can you work towards joining the Bold Pink Club in 2018?

We know that our Franchise Partners work hard and have big hearts. Three key factors that will give you an edge and help you achieve this wonderful goal are: strategic planning, intricate preparation and hustle!

Bold Pink Club material are those who are driven to surpass their own goals and also motivate their team to push themselves further than they ever thought possible.

How do you get there? We’ve got a few pointers for you, because we want every Franchise Partner at Nurse Next Door to believe, achieve and succeed, because not only does that mean our company is flourishing, we’re making even more seniors’ lives better.

In the next few months leading up to September 2018, you will:

  • Be busy planning weekly meetings in your office to discuss your team’s progress to ensure all your staff and employees are on the same page and are aware of their upcoming goals for the months ahead. Plan, plan, plan!
  • You will be proactive in meeting with hospitals in your community on a daily basis seeking potential referral programs that are promising.
  • You will go on first-time visits and Caring Consults with your Care Team Designer and gain deeper insight into what type of care and support our seniors are looking for in order to encourage Happier Aging!
  • You can connect with past Bold Pink Club winners to discuss details of staffing and work with our Nurse Next Door Business Coaches to gain tips and advice for your home health care business. This support will prove invaluable in terms of giving you guidance to navigate the growth of your senior care franchise!

8 months of your research, networking, diligence and dedication will bring you to September 2018, and it will come sooner than you think!

start a home care franchise - join the team!

Becoming a Bold Pink Club member is an achievement you’ll remember for a lifetime because you’re receiving a high level of recognition for the work you’ve done. In addition to the recognition from the Nurse Next Door team and your fellow colleagues, you’ll also be awarded with an incredible getaway trip to Las Vegas! This trip is designed to celebrate you and your hard work! You will spend three days in Las Vegas, alongside your fellow Bold Pink Club members. On the itinerary? Rooftop golfing at Top Golf, delicious steak and gourmet meals at 5-star restaurants and other VIP treatments—all on Nurse Next Door, not to mention you’ll be staying at the amazing Wynn Encore Hotel, because we are Bold Pink, after all.

bold pink club wynn - home care franchise growth
Becoming a part of the Bold Pink Club with other top-performing Franchise Partners will put things into perspective: how fortunate you are to be running and managing a home care franchise that is fulfilling a quintessential need in the aging population. This special endeavor will forever give you a greater purpose, continual support from the Nurse Next Door family and new colleagues who will become your lifelong friends.

In 2017, Nurse Next Door welcomed 15 franchises and 23 Franchise Partners to the Bold Pink Club.

  • Edmonton SW, AB – Amanda and Todd Carwell
  • Edmonton, AB – Scott Voisey
  • St. Albert, AB – Scott Voisey
  • Calgary, SW, AB – Travis Tinning
  • West Vancouver, BC – Danny Birch and Elizabeth Rose
  • Burnaby, BC – Wendy and Susan Scott
  • Nanaimo, BC – Chris Wilkinson and Tawyna Ketch
  • Maple Ridge/Mission, BC – Carol Lange
  • Toronto Central, ON – Kris Aiken and Laura Harris
  • Delta, BC – Lindsay Eldridge
  • Delaware – Tiffany and Chad Rubin
  • Austin, TX – Luann James and Traci Boyle
  • Burbank, CA – Randy Harken
  • Mississauga, ON – Lucie and David Shaw
  • Saskatoon, SK – Bruce Kirkpatrick and Dan Bofoya

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