In one of our previous blogs, we highlighted our Franchise Partner, Denise Henshaw, owner of Nurse Next Door Sunshine Coast.

Nurse Next Door is a big believer in leveraging the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. It’s a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely customers are to recommend a business to a friend (source). We use the NPS system to ensure brand integrity by taking every survey response into consideration and make improvements to provide the best service possible.

The main driver of this are Nurse Next Door’s core values: Passionate About Making a Difference, Find a Better Way, Admire People and WOW Customer Experience. Utilizing constructive feedback allows us to continuously grow stronger as a brand and franchise system.

A positive score that is over 0 is considered “good”, above 50 is “excellent” and above 70 is considered “world class”. The higher the NPS score is, the more loyal your customer base (source). Denise’s Sunshine Coast’s team consistently scores a whopping 80 and above!

The Henshaws’ pride themselves on delivering Nurse Next Door’s trademarked concept of “Happier Aging” to their clients every day. “We specialize in Happier Aging by doing our utmost to find out what activities or events will really brighten our clients’ day. From the big things right down to little things, such as birthdays, foods they love, favorite tv shows and so on. We also have staff available to our clients and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

Denise’s clients say that her team is supportive by being patient and listening to their problems and needs, even asking them questions they haven’t considered. The team was flexible in filling different shifts. Everyone is compassionate, professional and always cheerful.

It’s no wonder that Denise was a finalist for Nurse Next Door’s WOW Customer Experience Award. Word of mouth referrals are important in a smaller community such as the Sunshine Coast and Denise knows that first hand—reputation and credibility is a big deal and she sees the impact that a strong reputation has.

Denise and husband/business partner Victor unanimously agree that their favorite part of the job is meeting their clients, “Being able to listen to their stories and making sure that we are doing all we can do to meet and exceed their needs is extremely rewarding.”

We also asked them what they have learned about running their own business. Denise says, “I have learned that it is a reward in itself to provide a valuable and appreciated service to one’s community, as well as providing jobs with flexibility and understanding to wonderful people!”

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