We have over 65 Franchise Partners in Canada. Because of these supportive and dedicated entrepreneurs, we’re able to help thousands of seniors age happier at home.

But while we have pretty good coverage in Canada, there’s still room for more.

This is why we’re asking for your help. Do you know someone who’s looking to make lives better for seniors while building a business with heart? You can earn $10,000 by referring a successful candidate. Here’s how it works, and who we’re looking for.

Nurse Next Door is bringing life to a stale industry

John DeHart and Ken Sim founded Nurse Next Door in 2001 when Ken’s pregnant wife needed a caregiver. Ken learned that the industry was stiff, fragmented, and well overdue for some compassion and warmth. Combined with John’s experience caring for a grandmother with Alzheimer’s, the two set off to disrupt a hyper-traditional industry.

The Canadian home care market is lucrative

More than 35 million people live in Canada, and we’re living longer than ever before. The demand for senior care is huge, and it’s going to keep increasing as the massive Boomer generation ages. Over 15% of the Canadian population is 65+, and statisticians predict this segment to reach 20% by 2024 (and 25% by 2036).

As a result, national health care spending is increasing 6.8% per year, and home care is now a $6.8 billion industry in Canada. But we can’t quite keep up with the demand. Wait lists are growing.

According to one study, the Canadian home healthcare market is expected to hit a value of $19 billion (USD) by 2020. Individual spending on healthcare also increases with age. So this, combined with what we know about the senior population, tells us that this industry is only getting stronger from here.

We’re very different from other home care franchises

Nurse Next Door has designed a brand to attract clients quickly. It’s fun, bold, and warm, which quickly sets us apart from task-oriented home care agencies. Of course, that’s not the only thing that makes us different.

We deliver Happier Aging: an experience dedicated to getting seniors back to doing what they love. Watch this video to see how we go above and beyond regular home care.

Plus, we offer both skilled care and non-medical care, which means we can send nurses and caregivers to the home to support a range of needs. Cooking and bathing, shopping, helping with medications or keeping someone company–that’s just the beginning.

The biggest challenge in our industry is managing client and caregiver scheduling. That’s why we’ve taken this on on behalf of our franchisees. Nurse Next Door is the only senior home care franchise with a centralized Care Services Platform, complete with incredible agents to take calls and manage schedules.

Click here to read about some of our recent successes!

Who we’re looking for

We’ve found that our best Franchise Partners have certain traits. We’re looking for people who are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Relationship-builders
  • Passionate about the community
  • Open to being hands-on in daily operations
  • Looking to invest in a business
  • Happy with established systems and structure

We’re especially looking for people who’d love to bring our award-winning home care brand to a smaller community. Read one franchisee’s experience here!

Keep this in mind: we don’t require industry experience! Many of our franchisees don’t come from a health care background. That’s what our training program is for.

How it works

Refer a friend to Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, Canada Inc. as a potential candidate. You must be an arms-length referral source from the person you are referring (i.e. the potential candidate is not immediate family or a business partner). Connect with us via the link at the bottom of this page to learn more about the details.

Learn more about the details, click here.