October 4, 2017

Vancouver, BCThe BC Renal Agency and Nurse Next Door have introduced a new assisted care program that will ensure peritoneal dialysis patients living with physical or cognitive challenges can remain independent.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a life-saving, home-based treatment for patients whose kidneys no longer function normally. By providing the essential cleansing function of the kidneys, PD enables these patients to live and stay healthy.

Currently, 832 patients in BC use PD to independently manage their dialysis at home. Before the introduction of the PD Assist program, if these patients had any difficulty managing their treatments, the only alternative was hemodialysis, which requires travelling to a dialysis unit three times a week.

“Studies show that properly managed home-based treatment offers the best outcomes for patients on dialysis,” says Dr. Adeera Levin, executive director, BC Renal Agency, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. “The PD Assist program is designed to support patient independence and quality of life, avoiding the need for regular sessions of facility-based hemodialysis.”

Originally started as a pilot program, the PD Assist Program is the first of its kind in Canada, connecting patients with trained caregivers, supplied by Nurse Next Door, to provide daily home visits to help with specific tasks related to their PD treatment.

“Before I started with this program I faced a number of challenges managing my dialysis at home on my own,” says 78-year-old Dennis Jackson, a PD patient in White Rock, BC. “But now that I have someone coming every day to help me, it’s much better. I am very happy with the support.”

“Nurse Next Door is thrilled to work with the BC Renal Agency, elevating the way care is delivered to British Columbians living with advanced kidney disease,” says Cathy Thorpe, president and CEO of Nurse Next Door. “Our mission has always been to help keep people at home and to make lives better, and we are proud to be doing just that through this innovative program.”

The program is now available through all health authorities in BC, with the exception of the North, where it will be operational by December.

Quick facts:

  • All costs associated with the PD Assist program are covered by the BC Renal Agency. Patients do not experience any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Ultimately the program is cost-effective, as maintaining a patient on PD with PD Assist is about $30,000 per year lower than the cost of supporting a patient on hemodialysis (the only option if a patient couldn’t continue on PD without support).
  • When the program is fully rolled out across BC, PD Assist will be available in communities where 95% of current PD patients live.

The BC Renal Agency plans and coordinates health-care services for patients with kidney disease in British Columbia. The agency works closely with British Columbia’s regional health authorities to ensure the 17,500 registered patients with kidney disease in BC receive the best care possible.

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The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) plans, manages and evaluates selected specialty and province-wide health care services across BC, working with the five geographic health authorities to deliver province-wide solutions that improve the health of British Columbians. For more information, visit www.phsa.ca or follow us on Twitter @PHSAofBC.