You might imagine that running a franchise would be a big city opportunity. When you have access to a large population and plenty of resources, it might seem like a no-brainer for business.

However, more and more people are taking to the outskirts and launching their operations away from the hustle and bustle. For some, the rural advantage is the no-brainer.

Here is why: (click to scroll down)

  1. You have a close community network
  2. There’s less competition
  3. It’s easier to build trust
  4. It’s more rewarding to give back

33 year old Denae Moores of Georgian Bay, Ontario (population 21,000) is glad she returned to her hometown to open a Nurse Next Door senior care franchise. “After working in the trauma center for six years and then consulting for two years in Ottawa, I noticed inconsistencies in home care and wanted to bridge that gap in my own hometown,” says Denae.

Senior Care Franchise

Denae shares her experience in operating a business in a small community, and identifies four reasons why you don’t need to set up shop in a big city to be successful:

You have a close community network

Denae moved back to her hometown to start a Nurse Next Door franchise, and the locals were happy to see one of their own becoming successful. It didn’t take long for the PINK mobile to get recognized and get people talking. “Word of mouth travels fast,” says Denae. Networking is one of your biggest assets, especially in a rural community or small town. Get involved and take advantage of a compact population.

Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity


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There’s less competition

With limited resources in Georgian Bay, residents often accepted what was available because there usually weren’t many alternative options. Denae was able to offer resources that didn’t previously exist. The challenge was mostly a matter of educating the community. Now she helps to keep aging loved ones out-of-facilities and in their homes.

“Our territory has one of the highest concentrations of seniors in Ontario and parts of Canada. Therefore, I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure the seniors in my area have optimal care.”

When Denae found out about Nurse Next Door–and how its core values resonated deeply with her own beliefs–she jumped at the chance to join the family. “We are individual franchises all sharing the same heart, the same love of wanting to make a difference.”

It’s easier to build trust

While it was initially a challenge to win over the largely farming community, Denae has been able to personalize communication between residents and the brand. She has spent the last year getting involved in the community and educating the public on changes in the home care industry. She shares that her community is prideful and values their independence (as we all do). But with time, an openness to the idea and by building trusted relationships early-on, “there’s now less stress of bringing in a strange caregiver” when loved ones need assistance. Denae is happy to say that the community has embraced the pink!

starting a senior care business

It’s more rewarding to give back

Join committees, clubs, and your local chamber. Volunteer as much as possible. The more you get to know your community, the more you’ll want to give back–and it’s a lot easier to build those relationships with a smaller population. It’s even more rewarding when you can see how your work directly impacts the people around you.

“If you’re the type of person who strives for a challenge, is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, then this is the opportunity for you,” Denae raves. “Jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride.”

We Believe You Can Stay At Home.

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