As a new franchisee–or any new business owner–you’ll have a lot on your plate before and after launch. From financing and legal investments to marketing and HR, you can feel much more confident starting up a business with a roadmap.

At Nurse Next Door, we’ve developed and refined a plan that, along with a coach, guides new Franchise Partners through their first three months of business. It’s a week-by-week, prescriptive plan that necessitates commitment, accountability and dedication.

The 16 Week Growth Plan

Franchise Partners follow a weekly schedule, which includes:

  • Completing and submitting a weekly reporting sheet with their calendar and metrics;
  • Executing on the marketing plan, spending as recommended in the plan;
  • Building your rhythm in teaming building, specifically marketing tactics and sale strategies;
  • Reviewing the appropriate metrics for all of the above — you can’t’ manage what you don’t measure.

 starting a homecare business

Your coach will help you overcome challenges and hold you accountable by checking in with weekly calls and discussing your next steps. Having professional support to keep you on track is a huge advantage of Nurse Next Door’s 16 week program.


You’ll receive plenty of guidance around your marketing plan, including direction on spend (setting aside a percentage of revenue to allocate to marketing activities and investing in a minimum monthly spend on advertising). You’ll learn about the importance of  brand awareness through digital and radio marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals. Grow the sales pipeline to grow your top line revenue.

You fell in love with the Nurse Next Door brand, and now you will start to live and breathe it. From perfecting your 30-second pitch and participating in community events, to working with our team on your online marketing setup and objectives, the diversity of marketing tactics keeps life interesting and keeps revenue coming in.

With three full days allocated to sales activities, 24+ sales calls per week, and access to the HeartQuarters team, Franchise Partners receive extensive training–whether you have sales experience or not, you’ll walk away with an even stronger understanding in how to launch your business.

starting a homecare business

Love Sales System

For some, networking and presenting is a natural skill. For others, it takes practice, time, and a little more practice. Nurse Next Door’s Love Sales System provides Franchise Partners with the training and structure they need to successfully go out into their communities to educate people about who we are and how we are different, all while building relationships along the way.

The focus of Nurse Next Door’s Love Sales System is to ensure that you’re a professional brand ambassador. Part of this strategy supports Franchise Partners in understanding not only the where, who, and how, but most importantly your why. Our Sales Source Playbook guides you to where you should focus your efforts and who you should be building relationships with. Our system makes it simple for you to understand your goals and track outcomes. Just like dating, this system takes commitment and focus but the results make it all worthwhile.

Sometimes, Franchise Partners will ask us “what do I do after the first 16 weeks?” It’s simple: you start the cycle from the beginning!

Nurse Next Door lets parents keep living their lives. The lives they chose. We’re ready to help you build your business. To learn more about how we set up new Franchise Partners for success, download our free franchise report.