Nurse Next Door is now in Orlando, Florida! With their launch on the horizon, we got to catch up with Teri Collard, owner of Nurse Next Door Orlando and learn more about her! She has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years, with a specialization in patients going through surgery. She recently also earned a Master’s in Nursing Leadership and Management. As a Nurse Leader, she has gotten to work with hospital members and patients, knowing what is needed and what could be enhanced, through home healthcare!

Teri says, “I went into nursing because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  When going through surgery or health complications, it can be a very scary and anxious time in a person’s life, I want to be able to step in and help them feel safe and cared for. That is why I go to work every day and truly love this profession!

When looking to start a franchise business, healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors tend to gravitate towards starting a home health care business. This might be attributed to the fact that many health/medical professionals see the day-ins and day-outs of the system and can identify the missing opportunities. When they become an entrepreneur and start their home care business, they will be able to fill in the blanks and bridge the missing gaps from hospital to post-discharge care. It’s a business of caring and by having the medical knowledge gives them an edge as they are well-versed in the language and processes.

Franchise Partners (business owners) of Nurse Next Door come from all walks of life, such as non-profit organizations, firefighting, accounting and even veterans and they all thrive and bring different skill sets to running their business. We also find that home care services is an industry that healthcare professionals resonate with deeply. In this interview, Teri dives deep into why she thinks a home care business would be perfect for Registered Nurses. 


Why a Home Care Business Would Be Perfect For Registered Nurses

One simple question: Why Nurse Next Door? 

I first heard of Nurse Next Door one day when I was driving in my car and heard a radio ad!  The ad talked about Nurse Next Door’s philosophy of Happier Aging and doing whatever it takes to get patients back to doing what they love to do!  It really resonated with my soul: a home care company who was dedicated to making people smile and laugh again and to make them feel like they matter. After hearing the ad, I immediately Googled “Nurse Next Door” and began my research into the company and the brand.  What really drew me to the brand was:

1. The brand name, “Nurse Next Door”. It sounds so personal, we all hear the phrase “the girl next door”, it usually means someone you know personally that you trust.  Also, nurses are year after year voted the most trusted profession. I love how the name speaks “Trust us with the people you love.”

2. I also love the “Bold Pink” coloured brand image. It stands out, it’s a happy color. Too much of healthcare is dull and boring and I love how Nurse Next Door wants to be bold and disruptive to the industry and stand out both in color and in kindness, caring and love for our clients and team members! The bright image is also perfect for marketing my home care business!

3. Lastly, the company’s core purpose of “Making Lives Better”. It’s a simple mission, but it’s why I became a nurse. I wanted to make lives better and to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Now I can do so as a Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner in my community!


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You have a career in nursing (MSN & RN) with extensive experience in medical centers/hospitals. Could you tell us more about your past experiences and how you think home care could complement hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients etc?  

Yes, you are right. My nursing degrees and career to date is what I truly believe has prepared me for this next step in my nursing profession. Over the last 27 years, I have worked in: 

  • a physician practice,
  • the hospital at the bedside,
  • the operating room, 
  • out-patient settings,
  • large trauma hospitals,
  • small hospitals.  

I have worked in Management and I have been a Care Coordinator helping to coordinate all aspects of the patient’s care journey. I believe all of these steps have prepared me and impassioned me for this new journey into home care.  

I think home care is going to be the big difference maker and partner for physicians, hospitals, case managers, clients, families. All of the healthcare team want to see patients do well, we all want them to completely recover and enjoy good quality of life, but each member can’t do it all. We have to trust the next person in line to help bring the patient’s journey to a complete recovery.

When writing discharge orders, everyone is hoping for the best that the patient and families understand them, that they follow the instructions, fill the prescriptions and take the medications, wash their hands, eat well, not overdo but also don’t lay around too much. Having a Caregiver come into the home to support their recovery is assurance. It shows that someone will be there to help, teach, motivate, care for and accompany the patient to assure optimal outcomes. 

Home care is a great asset to the healthcare industry to prevent unnecessary readmissions for things that can be handled at home and to improve the patient experience. Once discharged, if the experience at home isn’t good it affects the scores for hospitals and physicians, patients tend to hold them responsible if they feel “abandoned” once at home. 

In addition, Nurse Next Door would be a huge asset to keeping the increasing aging population safe at home in their happy place. With the help of a trusted Caregiver, we can prevent falls, depression, anxiety and missed medications. We can make sure they are eating well-balanced diets through meal preparation, staying active and at the same time, provide stimulation and companionship through socialization and interaction. Ultimately improving the quality of life for seniors, the disabled and the recently hospitalized individual.


Why a Home Care Business Would Be Perfect For Registered Nurses

Tell us more about Orlando!

Our location is in the heart of Central Florida, best known as the home of Disney World and other tourist attractions. With our year round warm climate we attract a lot of retirees and people ready to leave snow for sunshine! 

Our area of West Orlando is made up of a lot of small cities: Ocoee, Winter Garden, Windermere, Oakland, Dr. Phillips, and Horizon West. It is one of the fastest growing areas of Florida. One thing I love about it is we get a lot of new folks moving in, but you can also find a lot of locals, like me, who have lived here our whole lives. It’s a great mix of people with deep roots in the area and new ideas and fresh perspectives! 

How was the 1 week of Training at HeartQuarters in Vancouver?

It was fun to meet all of our future partners in the business. Making those relationships with people you can grow and learn alongside and collaborate with as we all begin this new adventure is so refreshing. The biggest takeaway is the total and complete buy-in of every leader and team member at Heartquarters. Every person is 100% sold on Making Lives Better and living Happier Aging. They live and breathe the brand and they do it because they LOVE it. You can definitely feel “the love is in the details” with everyone at HeartQuarters during Training!

You’re entering the business with your husband John. Tell us a little more about him!

Teri: My husband, John, is a very silent partner with me in the business. I am so fortunate to have a husband/partner, who believes in me and was willing to make this bold move with me and allow me to step out of my secure job, and comfort zone to start something new.  He understood my passion and heart and says, “I’m not investing in Nurse Next Door, I’m investing in my wife!” I mean, what more can you ask for in a life and business partner.  We can’t wait to bring our business plan to life!


Why a Home Care Business Would Be Perfect For Registered Nurses

We understand that you will be running the business full-time and John will be supporting in the background. How will you be delegating various tasks? 

Teri: John is there to help manage the finances. He knows I would give the shirt off my back to everyone, so he’s there to keep a balance and remind me there are expenses and bills to pay. He is a great resource on managing the financial side of the business, which of course, the people person in me, is not even thinking of. His greatest support has been to recognize that I will need help with the clerical day to day office management, so he hired an office manager to help with that to give me a chance to focus on the caring. 

I will be the Administrator and Care Designer (Care Manager), the face of the business and the RN to support our awesome Caregivers.

What does Happier Aging mean to you? 

Happier Aging to me means living life on my terms. Having choice, having fun, enjoying friends and family. Getting to travel and go on adventures, and being healthy and active enough to never have to stop doing the things I love to do. I plan to get better with age!

What do you love doing in your free time? 

I am an Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) Addict! I love doing these fun engaging work outs and challenging myself to get better and stronger. I enjoy hanging out with my family and my dog Charlee. I love reading books and going to the movies.


What are you most excited about for the launch of your business?

Teri: I can’t wait to make people happy. I want to make sure everyone feels seen, valued and truly cared for and cared about. Not only just our clients and their families, but also my team! I want to give our Caregivers purpose and passion in their work. I want to remind all people who chose this caring profession why we did it and make it joyful!  Each day I hope to put a smile on people’s faces and give them a peaceful and hope-filled life. I want to turn all of Orange County, Floridians into people who love pink!

What is one thing you think will require you to step outside your comfort zone? 

Honestly, I think everything in my role is exactly what I was created to do. I love interacting and talking to people and seeing what I can do to give them a great experience.  

I guess driving around in a pink, flower-covered car is one thing I need to get used to, I am much more aware of my driving, I wouldn’t want to misrepresent Nurse Next Door!  Noticing people stare at my car as I’m driving can be a little uncomfortable at times, but I just smile and wave! I guess I have to overcome those times you just want to blend in because wearing bright pink and driving a bright pink care my blending in moments are gone.

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