As part of our 2020 wrap up, we announced the latest members of our Bold Pink Club. In case you missed it, the Bold Pink Club is our way of celebrating the achievements of our top-performing franchisees and shining a spotlight on their outstanding success. This year, we’ll be sharing the stories of the newest members of the Bold Pink Club over the coming months. 

To kick things off, let us introduce Kiran Samran! Kiran is the proud owner of Nurse Next Door Elk Grove, California (and has recently expanded to 4 territories!) When she’s not working on building her business, Kiran is busy being Mom to her two teens Mehir and Kirpa, and the family pup, Lulu. 


How long have you been a Nurse Next Door Franchisee?

We opened our doors to serve our community in Elk Grove in July 2017. Since then, we have been on a mission to bring Happier Aging to as many people as we can!

What does being a part of the Bold Pink Club mean to you?

When I got the call, I was pleasantly surprised! Joining the Bold Pink Club has definitely been a goal for us, and I am so proud to have achieved it right after the 3rd anniversary of our launch! Being a part of the Bold Pink Club means that we are taking good quality care of our clients and Caregivers and achieving this is a direct result of that!

Joining the Bold Pink Club is a significant achievement! What strategies did you implement to ensure success?

Our success is a combination of the care we provide to our clients resulting in word of mouth referrals, taking care of our staff from acknowledging them to supporting them in what they do daily, partnering up with health professional referral sources to support the community during the pandemic, and keeping our doors open to service everyone we can by keeping our clients and Caregivers safe.

Bold Pink Club aside, what are you the most proud of when it comes to being a Franchise Partner?

As a Franchisee, I am most proud of the fact that we are making lives better every day. By being there to help a family member who really needs relief, for clients who need a little (or a lot!) of help and have no family around, and by providing opportunities to many Caregivers who have a passion for serving the elderly.

What motivates you as a business owner?

I am an entrepreneur at heart, and what motivates me is the ability to design my life the way I choose by doing something that I am very passionate about – taking good care of people. I love having flexibility, even though my days can be crazy busy, but I decide when and what I need to do, while still being accessible to my kids. Work life balance is what motivates me, and if I can get that doing something I love and making a decent living, what else could I ask for?

What advice would you give to other Franchisees?

If I can do this from ground zero with no health background or experience, you can do it! I think it’s very important to learn to be comfortable with change, and don’t hesitate to make those changes when needed to ensure your success.

What’s next for you and your location? What are your goals for 2021?

Now that we have expanded our reach with the caregiving services we provide by adding two more territories very recently, the goal for 2021 is to actively be working on building those territories. We anticipate that we will also add on skilled nursing care in the next two years.

Stay tuned for our next Bold Pink conversation! Next month, we’ll be speaking with Nikki Ghuman – Franchisee of Nurse Next Door Tri Valley. If you’re feeling inspired and want to begin your own Bold Pink journey, learn more about becoming a franchisee by contacting us today.