Hear from our VP Global Franchise Development, Arif, on our home care business opportunity.

If you’ve researched a franchise concept before, you’re probably familiar with the term Discovery Day. This is a candidate’s opportunity to see the franchise operations first hand, meet with the team and generally confirm what they’ve learned through their discussions so far. At Nurse Next Door, we have a similar concept called our Final Interview Day. It’s a slightly different term because we make so much of our information available online and through our development team. Our in-person visit is more about ensuring we have the right match for our business model.

I can’t stress the importance and value of our Final Interview Day enough. Candidates from various markets across North America, who have spent weeks researching the Nurse Next Door elder care business  opportunity to ensure it’s right for them, are invited to ‘HeartQuarters’ in Vancouver, BC to spend the day with the Leadership Team, different departments in HeartQuarters and our Care Services Center. Part of the day is of course dedicated to interviews with our Leadership Team – more on that in my next post – but you’ll certainly get a great deal of value for the investment you make in the trip.

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Here’s what you can expect if you have the chance to visit us during a Final Interview Day:

Experience our culture and core values

Our culture either attracts or repels. It’s been designed with a purpose and feels either incredibly right or incredibly wrong – and that’s exactly how we want it. Our culture is part of what makes our brand so great and we need to fiercely protect it as we continue to expand our home care healthcare franchise system across the United States and Canada.

In my 10 years with Nurse Next Door, our culture and core values have always been in the top three reasons why candidates choose to join our home care healthcare franchise system (our brand and our Care Services Center round out the top 3). By this point, candidates have seen our materials, read through our content and met with our development team – they’ll have a pretty good understanding of what our culture is all about. With that said, I always hear that it comes to life for candidates as they walk into HeartQuarters and feel the energy. They see our core values come to life and our brand personified in everyone here.

Meet the Leadership Team

When you join Nurse Next Door, you’re joining a brand – but you’re also joining a group of people. Meeting the Leadership Team, spending the day with us, breaking bread – it’s all critical to ensuring it’s the right fit. You’ll have plenty of time to meet and talk with the folks leading the Nurse Next Door brand and gain valuable insight into the strategic direction of the organization.

Experience the Care Services Center

The Care Services Center is a big part of our strategy and how we’ve clearly and tangibly differentiated our model in the home care space. A big part of the Discovery Process is to gain an understanding of this model, how it interacts with our local franchisees and how it can help accelerate the business. It’s not until our candidates spend time in the space that they truly understand the value that it brings.

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A portion of your visit to HeartQuarters will be designed around helping you experience and understand the full strategic advantage of the Care Services Center. You’ll spend time with our Intakes Team – these experts field calls from prospective clients across North America, qualify them and convert consults for our Care Designers, either Franchise Partners or experts they hire to handle day-to-day care, in the field. You’ll also spend time with our scheduling team and understand the complexities behind managing a 24/7 business matching the best caregivers with our Franchise Partners’ clients.

See our Operations

As a candidate, you’ll have read through a great deal of content around our business model and our systems. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to see the operations in action. From marketing to recruiting, the Care Services Center to training and support – you’ll meet with the teams that will directly be helping you to grow your home care business.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how to prepare for your Final Interview Day so you get the most out of your visit.

If you’re nearing the end of our Discovery Process, I look forward to seeing you at a Final Interview Day very soon. If you’re just starting out your research, I invite you to join us on one of our upcoming conference calls here.

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