Buying a franchise means buying into a proven system. Rather than learning as you go (more likely to happen when you start a business from scratch), you can expect weeks of training and years of support when you join Nurse Next Door. After all, 75% of our franchisees come from non-medical backgrounds.

Here’s what new Franchise Partners can expect after you’ve signed that franchise agreement:

Before Training Week

Prepare for in-person training 4-6 weeks in advance by reviewing the materials you’ll receive from your new business coach. Your coach will help you understand and plan for launch with the Franchise Opener Checklist, which includes videos, PDFs, and a task list for setting up your online marketing, hiring staff, sales training, licensing* and more.

Franchise Partner Training Week

You and your coach will set up weekly calls in preparation for training and launch. He or she will assign you tasks, from making sure your bank accounts are setup properly, to reviewing sales training videos, and more.

Training Week takes place at Nurse Next Door Headquarters (HeartQuarters, as we call it) in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Come well-rested, ready to learn, and poised to participate. If you have a partner, husband or wife, we recommend bringing them along so they can fall in love with the business, too.

During Training Week

You’ll join us at our HeartQuarters in Vancouver for one week from Monday to Friday (8 am to 5 pm). This is where you’ll meet your support team. You’ll find out what resources you have at your disposal, and get to know 4-10 other new Franchise Partners. And you won’t need to memorize everything.

From seminars to brainstorm sessions and hands-on role playing, you’ll learn about various topics such as marketing, clinical care, and strategic planning in a variety of ways. Four of the training days take place at HeartQuarters, where you’ll also meet the intake team and learn about sales and the scheduling process.

On Thursday night, you’ll enjoy a big social dinner with the Leadership Team, session facilitators and fellow Franchise Partners. You’ll have time during the other evenings to explore the city or review training materials.

Franchise Partner Training Week

You’ll spend a fifth day with the local franchise on the job, where you’ll visit a client with the Care Designer and shadow a Caring Consult.

Training week is the best time to feel out Nurse Next Door’s culture. Ellen Peacock, Franchise Partner in Sarasota, FL said of her training experience: “Every person here has made it a point to come and talk to us.” You’ll see our core values in action, and get to know the team built to support you from pre-launch onward.

Learn more about what to expect at Training Week here.

After Training Week

With the 16 week plan (a comprehensive document created to set you up for success week by week), a business coach and support team in your back pocket, it’s time to launch. You’ll have tasks to accomplish every week, along with tactics to help you check things off your list. After 16 weeks, you’ve established a rhythm and can refer back to week 1 of your plan if needed.

Many Franchise Partners stay in touch with other Franchise Partners from their training class, and often trade best practices and check in on each other’s progress. It’s just one more form of support you can look forward to!

We’re ready to help you build your business. Watch the following video to get a sense of what you can expect during training week, then give us a call at 1-888-439-0561.

*Licensing is required for US-based franchises.